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A man on his computer at home conducting a virtual meeting with three people.

Information technology (IT) solutions have the potential to support employee collaboration across physical and digital spaces, allowing all to thrive in our hybrid work environment.

This section of the website is designed to provide guidance and direction for:

IT for shared office workspaces and meeting rooms; and

Facilitating effective and inclusive meetings for in-person and remote attendees.

This information should be used after following the steps on defining the space types outlined in step 2 in the  (google slide) Future of Work: Introduction to Workspace Planning (external link)  guide.

Employee expectations for shared spaces

When designing shared spaces, employees should ideally be able to:

  • Use a desk where they can access a computer to work on their own
  • Access required restricted systems for their work
  • Connect with others, including those who are remote or in-person, through physical or virtual meetings or over telephone
  • Use required special software
  • Access a printer

Types of shared spaces

There are four primary types of shared spaces at TMU. However, across this section of the website we will primarily focus on Me Spaces and We Spaces where IT is most needed.

Me Space

  • Bookable workspaces
  • Assigned workspaces
  • Touchdown workspaces
  • Individual quiet/private meeting rooms

We Space

  • Large meeting rooms
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Open-office collaborative areas
  • Focus/telephone rooms (large enough that they can also be used for small collaborative rooms up to three people)
  • Social/collaborative areas (possibly with kitchens)
  • Team or project rooms

Amenity Space

  • Reception areas
  • Personal storage (lockers etc.)
  • Kitchenette spaces (without work areas)
  • General office storage and filing
  • Special equipment needs

Activity Zones

  • Silent Zone (no talking/no phones)
  • Quiet Zone (reading, quiet work)
  • Collaborative/social (interactive multi-use spaces where work involves brainstorming, team meetings and other group tasks)