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Reimagine. Redefine. Rework.

The future of work at TMU is hybrid

Since the spring of 2020, we have operated beyond the traditional model of work. Let’s harness this momentum and the lessons learned along the way. 

Connection and creativity don’t have to be tied to location - this is our opportunity to continue to evolve in the tools we use and the spaces where we collaborate. In turn, we can cultivate improvements in the employee experience, and in the way we get things done.

The future of work is not one-size-fits-all. It’s a set of principles to guide leaders in adapting the ways we work so that together we can develop a stronger, more robust, more flexible approach to serving our community.

Mohamed Lachemi.

A message from the President

In May 2020, I announced the creation of an Opportunities Group to look for new ways of operating. One of the projects to come out of this committee is the Future of Work Project (formerly Agile Workforce Project).

Over the last 16 months, we have collectively demonstrated that we are capable of successfully operating beyond the traditional model of work. The goal of this project is to harness this momentum and the lessons learned along the way to explore what a more flexible work experience at TMU could be like.

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 (google slide)  Links to the Future of Work at TMU Playbook - Steps for transitioning to a hybrid workforce.  (external link, opens in new window) 

The future of work playbook will guide you through steps to take to help your department transition to a hybrid workforce.

The opportunity

Six key drivers were identified that helped us confirm this is the right direction for our community:

Challenge the status quo

The pandemic has shown that work doesn’t always need to be done on campus to be effective. New ways of working during the pandemic can be leveraged and continued successfully.


In the competition for talent in Canada’s largest city, we have the opportunity to attract, engage, support wellbeing and retain top talent by providing more flexible ways of working where possible.


In the downtown city core where space is at a premium, TMU has an opportunity to utilize space more optimally to support the student experience.

Student experience

As student expectations shift to include more virtual options, we have an opportunity to respond more nimbly in providing support and services.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

A flexible workforce attracts a more diverse talent pool, with greater participation of underrepresented groups.


With environmental sustainability as a strategic priority, a flexible workforce provides an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and support our sustainability goals.