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A group of DMZ employees in a meeting room collaborating on the screen at the front.

Working and leading in a hybrid work environment has unique challenges. The pre-pandemic status quo is no longer an option, and we have an incredible opportunity to set new norms and adapt the ways we work so that together we can develop a stronger, more robust, more flexible approach to serving our community.

We also have an opportunity to create a new approach to working where collaboration, employee engagement and wellbeing are prioritized. This, however, requires a new set of skills and a new type of intentionality to check in with each other more and find new ways to keep a pulse on our team dynamics and individuals’ wellbeing.

Mohamed Lachemi at the podium speaking at the 2023 TMU Awards Gala.

“At TMU, we appreciate your talent, dedication and leadership and we are here to support you. The pandemic dramatically disrupted our work lives and as an institution, we continue to learn from that, to adapt to the future of work. We are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our employees and providing as much flexibility in work as we possibly can.”

  • President Mohamed Lachemi, Toronto Met Awards Gala 2023
Links to the Future of Work at TMU Playbook - Steps for transitioning to a hybrid workforce.

The future of work at TMU is not a one-size-fits all, and so a critical first step not to miss is to complete the exercises in the  (google slide) Future of Work Playbook: Steps for Transitioning to a Hybrid Workforce (external link) .

Three employees looking at a computer screen together.

Next, this section of the website provides guidance on specific topics of interest that have been identified by the community. Many of these online guides are adapted from workshops in our How to Hybrid learning series, so if you missed a workshop you can review the summaries found here. Check back often, as new resources will be added.

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