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Mask On! A Virtual Exhibition

Face masks are a defining symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the demand for face coverings – both medical and non-medical – grew in the early days of the pandemic, fashion brands, designers, makers, and artists everywhere began producing masks in a variety of styles, colours, shapes, and sizes. 

Mask On! documents the pandemic’s influence on fashion, art, and culture through a collection of 26 masks designed and made by 21 different creators. The masks in this exhibition highlight the diverse responses to the challenges presented by COVID-19. In addition, they are not only a symbol of the ongoing pandemic, but also stand in alignment with the FRC’s core values of inclusivity, decolonization, and sustainability.

The FRC is grateful for the hard work of our diligent Research Assistants. Special thanks to Tori Hopgood (external link) , Steve Nguyen (external link) , Julia Brucculieri, (external link)  Prudence Mekongue (external link) , and Laura Dionne (external link)  for the time they have dedicated to this exhibition. 

Mannequin head with a red face mask with braille crystals reading Chin Up Mask On

Chin Up Mask On face mask. Designed by Aille Design. FRC2021.01.008.

Face mask with plastic panel for lip reading

Lip reader face mask. Designed by IZ Adaptive. FRC2021.01.006.

Mannequin head with a leather mask with a beaded landscape design

Beaded landscape with Cree syllabics face mask. Designed by Vanessa Hyggen. FRC2021.01.024.

Mannequin head with blue and white face mask with a frog pattern on it

Blue and white frog face mask. Designed by Shar Wilson for Finawear. FRC2021.01.025.

Mannequin head with a green, purple and white patterned face mask and bucket hat

Green and purple bucket hat and mask. Designed by Tole Oye for Meji Meji. FRC2021.01.016AB.

Detail shot of a mannequin head with a blue face mask with floral beading

"Breathing Blueberries" beaded face mask. Designed by Justine Woods. FRC2021.01.027.