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Frames of AI & Robotics in Explanatory Journalism

Project Lead: Dr. Frauke Zeller

This project investigates how the COVID-19 health crisis has impacted media representations and dominant media frames of technology, AI, and robotics.

Communication of COVID-19 Variables in Explanatory Journalism

Project Lead: Dr. John Shiga

This project analyzes how the reproduction number (R) of COVID-19 is communicated in The Conversation in comparison with forms of journalism found in more traditional news publications. 

The Audience Impact of The Conversation Articles

Project Lead: Dr. Charles Davis

This project investigates how explanatory journalism is practiced throughout The Conversation and the relationship between explanatory journalism and audience impact. 

Using Machine Learning to Detect Explanatory Strategies

Project Lead: Dr. Robert Clapperton

This project is working to design and develop a machine learning model for the detection of elements such as temporal focus (deliberative, forensic, epideictic), evaluation, and stance in journalistic texts.

Crisis Communication in Explanatory & Alternative Journalism Outlets

Project Lead: Dr. Sibo Chen

This project explores coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic in varying media outlets through the lens of crisis communication. 

Author Survey Project 1: What is Journalism?

Project Lead: Dr. Nicole Blanchett

This project explores how and when a piece of writing becomes “journalistic” and how the same piece of content may or may not be considered journalism depending on the viewpoint of the writer, the reader, and/or accepted professional norms.

AI Chatbots & Online Deliberation

Project Lead: Stuart Duncan

The AI Chatbot project looks at the use of AI-based chatbots for helping to meet the information needs of audiences. The Online Deliberation project explores automated methods for measuring online deliberation around complex social issues.

Author Survey Project 2: Online Harassment & its Implications for Explanatory Journalism

Project Lead: Dr. Sibo Chen

This study aims to enrich our understanding of online hate in an increasingly fragmented public sphere.

Journalism, Artificial Intelligence, & Ethics

Project Lead: Angela Misri

This project explores the use of AI for journalistic purposes and the ethical considerations related to its implementation. 


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Explanatory Journalism Project is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.