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In a media landscape increasingly plagued by shrinking newsrooms, dwindling resources, and concerns about fake news, academic research remains an important source of credible information and analysis.

The Explanatory Journalism Impact and Uptake (XJO) project explores the character and influence of academic explanatory journalism. Our research focuses on The Conversation, external link, an international journalism network where researchers publish explanatory news and current events articles related to their own areas of study. By uncovering what contributes to effective explanation, this research will identify the unique strategies and innovations that The Conversation’s model offers for the future of digital journalism and knowledge translation. 

About XJO

Operating under a Creative Commons license, The Conversation’s content is free to read and republish, bringing scholarly expertise beyond the academy and into public discourse.

The XJO team examines the techniques that The Conversation’s articles use to communicate complex issues and deliver accessible, evidence-based expert analysis. We also investigate the broader impact that this type of communication has on civic engagement and public deliberation.

The XJO team is comprised of seven professors from The Creative School at Ryerson University who are collaborating with journalists and industry professionals to investigate The Conversation Canada, external link. Through a SSHRC Partnership Grant, Ryerson is working alongside the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism (PI), Queensland University of Technology’s Digital Media Research Centre (Australia), the University of Ottawa, and the University of Regina.

Partnerships & Funding