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New Graduate Student Guide

The FEAS Graduate community of students and faculty work together to support incoming and current students. During this year's June welcome event, the Associate Dean presented information to help incoming students get started with their studies. In addition, FEAS Grad Ambassadors and FEAS graduate studies office members gave campus tours and held social events for incoming graduate students.

Welcome to the FEAS Graduate Community

Congratulations! You are now part of a community that recognizes and invests in the full potential of the next generation of researchers, changemakers and leaders through innovation and collaboration. 

Get Started

As a FEAS graduate student, you may need assistance getting started with your studies. Discover the resources below to help you succeed in your graduate studies

Go to Activate Your Online Identity page

Activate Your Online  Identity (opens in new window) 

Learn how to activate your online identity to access university services, course shells and more.


Net Zero Off-Grid Microhome: Warm Cabin

Get Your OneCard (opens in new window) 

Get your Student OneCard – your official student ID – to access university facilities and services.


Know Your University (opens in new window) 

Book your campus tour to learn about your classrooms and study spaces

A man in a green sweater looks at a man with a red checkered shirt.

Academic Matters (opens in new window) 

Did you know that graduate studies have a different grading scale than undergraduate studies? Learn more about policies and guidelines, important forms and other resources to help you get your graduate degree.

Students work on their computers and tablets on high stools facing a wall.

Manage your Finances (opens in new window) 

Manage your finances so that you can focus on your studies. Discover scholarships, TA/GA opportunities and fellowships here.


A teacher assists two students with their schoolwork while they look through their notes.

Resources and Support (opens in new window) 

When you have questions about your graduate studies, find program-specific answers through our staff and faculty.

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Get Involved (opens in new window) 

Maximize your Graduate student experience by joining our social events. Follow @feasgrad (external link)  on  Instagram and Twitter to be updated about events, opportunities and contests.

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Enhance Your Degree (opens in new window) 

Through our workshops, professional skills programs, and support services, gain skills and certifications to give you a competitive edge.

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Health and Well-being (opens in new window) 

Don't forget to take care of your health. We offer a variety of health, well-being and academic services to support you throughout your TMU journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

Once the tuition deposit is paid, you need to clear any conditions of your offer of admissions. Once your conditions are cleared, it will be possible to matriculate you into the program– in August for Fall Term, December for Winter Term and April for Spring Term. Once matriculated, you can create your TMU email address and register for classes. Both of these steps can be completed from outside of Canada if needed. Learn more at Getting Started.

If you have sent all the required documents listed on your Offer of Admission, you will receive a communication from the Graduate Admissions Office once they have cleared the conditions of your admission.

At the FEAS Graduate Studies office, we have a group of Grad Ambassadors. (opens in new window)  Please contact the Lead Ambassador, and they will connect you with one of our Grad Ambassadors.


Yes. Fall Term runs from September to December, Winter Term from January to April, and Spring/Summer Term from May to August. Enrollment at the Graduate level is continuous, 12 months a year, including fees, unless you are on a program approved leave of absence or withdrawn from the program.

Access courses through your and clicking your courses in D2L Brightspace.

Please contact your Graduate Program Administrator to see what courses are available for the upcoming semester. For research students please consult with your supervisor when selecting your courses.

Full-time students must be enrolled for at least 3 terms (12 months), and Part-time students must be enrolled for at least 6 terms (24 months). You will only be required to pay for the terms in which you are enrolled in the program.

Course based students (MEng, MBSc, MEIE) may change status from full-time to part-time, or part-time to full-time, subject to consultation with and the approval of the Graduate Program Director. A student may not transfer from full-time to part-time when the only remaining graduation requirement is a thesis, major research paper or project. For students who request a change in status from part-time to full-time or from full-time to part-time, the effect on the time for completion will be prorated. PhD, MASc, and MArch programs do not currently offer a part-time option.


The FEAS Graduate Studies Office offers scholarship writing workshops throughout the academic year. Please watch for emails from for more information. Learn more about available scholarships and other funding options available to you.

OSAP is available to graduate students, but subject to different rules and regulations.

For your program’s processes for hiring TAs, please contact your Graduate Program Administrator.

Yes, there is a TA/GA Orientation at the start of each academic year. More information will be sent at a later date by your Graduate Program Administrator.