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Part-Time Degree

If you're already working in computer science, but lack an academic background in the field, Toronto Metropolitan University's part-time Computer Science program may be right for you. Successfully completing a degree program may be the missing piece you need to advance your career to the next level. 

Full-Time Program. Part-Time Schedule.

The program's academic content is identical to the current full-time degree program in Computer Science, but some of the curriculum's continuing education courses act as substitutions for courses normally required in the full-time program.

Through our part-time program, you can work your way toward degree while staying actively employed in your field. You gain the benefit of our full-time program without the full-time schedule.

Course Schedule

Part-time students must generally take courses during evenings or late afternoons. During third and forth year, daytime courses may become available.

Degree Obtained

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science


First Year Entry

Students with no previous post-secondary education in Computer Science typically enter at the beginning of the full program.


Advanced Standing/Direct Entry

Mature students with some post-secondary education in Computer Science may qualify to enter part-way through the program. 

Part-Time Admission Requirements

Standard high-school admission requirements apply. Some post-secondary education in computer science is recommended. See Requirements for Part-Time Program for more details.