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The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching brings together six units dedicated to teaching and learning at Toronto Metropolitan University: Experiential Learning (including LAS), Curriculum Quality Assurance, Teaching Development, eLearning, the Academic Integrity Office, and the Digital Media Projects office. 

CELT Central

Jason Lisi headshot

Jason Lisi

Executive Director

Ext: 556750 | Office DCC 720


Curtis Maloley headshot

Curtis Maloley

Associate Director

Ext: 556598 | Office DCC 725

Andrea Ridgley headshot

Andrea Ridgley


Ext. 553273 | Office DCC 727

Tara Bartolini headshot

Tara Bartolini (on leave)

Communications Coordinator

Marielle Boutin headshot

Marielle Boutin

Communications Coordinator

Ext: 553213 | Cubicle DCC-715-O

Sabina Chatterjee headshot

Sabina Chatterjee

Equity and Community Inclusion Education and Strategy Consultant

Cubicle: DCC 715 - T

Maria Sarri headshot

Maria Sarri

Program Assistant

Ext: 544940 | DCC 715 Front Desk

Teaching Development and eLearning

David Arromba headshot

David Arromba

Learning Design Specialist, eLearning

Ext: 543466 | Cubicle DCC-715-Q

Renee Nichole Ferguson headshot

Renée Ferguson

Educational Developer, Teaching Development

Cubicle DCC-715-N

Jenny Ge headshot

Jenny Ge

Educational Developer, Teaching Development

Cubicle DCC-715-L

Sally Goldberg Powell headshot

Sally Goldberg Powell

Instructional Technologist, eLearning

Ext: 552862 | Cubicle DCC-715-S

Sara Mazrouei headshot

Sara Mazrouei

Educational Developer, Teaching Development

Ext: 544571 | Cubicle DCC-715-M

Karyn Olsen headshot

Karyn Olsen

Educational Developer, Teaching Development

Ext: 544570 | Cubicle DCC-715-J

Nada Savicevic headshot

Nada Savicevic

Educational Developer, Teaching Development/eLearning

Ext: 543400 | Cubicle DCC-715-P

Michelle Schwartz headshot.

Michelle Schwartz

Educational Developer, Teaching Development

Ext: 552094 | Cubicle DCC-715-K

Zehra Shah headshot

Syeda (Zehra) Shah

Administrative Coordinator, Teaching Development/eLearning

Ext: 544573 | Cubicle DCC-715-X

Curriculum Quality Assurance

Stephanie Walsh Matthews headshot

Stéphanie Walsh Matthews


Office DCC 729

Paola Borin headshot

Paula Borin (on leave)

Curriculum Development Consultant

Ext: (416) 979-5000 x. 552629 | DCC 715-V

Michelle Horowitz headshot

Michelle Brownstein Horowitz

Curriculum Development Consultant

Ext: 553166 | Cubicle DCC-715-W

Julia Gingerich headshot

Julia Gingerich (on leave)

Curriculum Development Consultant

Ext: (416) 979-5000 x. 553166 | ​DCC 715-W


Yvonne Simpson headshot

Yvonne Simpson

Curriculum Development Consultant

Ext: 552629 | Cubicle DCC-715-V

Digital Media Projects

Stephanie Goetz headshot

Stephanie Goetz

Acting Manager

Ext: 556658 | Office DCC 723

Mirela Barbulescu headshot

Mirela Barbulescu

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ext: 557270 | Cubicle DCC-715-A

Dina Basseri headshot

Dina Basseri

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ext: 557645 | Cubicle DCC-715-G

Adam Chaboryk headshot

Adam Chaboryk

IT Accessibility Specialist

Ext: 553284 | Cubicle DCC-715-E

Staff directory for CELT site - 28

Kira Chong

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ext: 544980 | Cubicle DCC-715-B

Staff directory for CELT site - 27

Hilary Julien

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ext: 544785 | Cubicle DCC-715-H

Shelley Loader headshot

Shelley Loader

Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Ext: 557266 | Cubicle DCC-715-C

Erin R Clarke headshot

Erin Rielly Clarke

Instructional Technology Specialist

Ext: 554070 | Cubicle DCC-715-I

Sadia Rahmani headshot

Sadia Rahmani

Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Arianne Velasquez headshot

Arianne Velasquez

IT Specialist Web/Media

Ext: 553111 | Cubicle DCC-715-B

Experiential Learning

Anita Abraham headshot

Anita Abraham


Ext: 544579 | Office DCC 728

Nikki Waheed headshot

Nikki Waheed

Manager, EL & LAS

Ext: 556339

Jasmine Cherian headshot

Jasmine Cherian

Operations & Project Specialist

Ext: 553791 | Cubicle DCC-715-U

Jessica Gianfrancesco headshot

Jessica Gianfrancesco

Administrative Assistant, Experiential Learning and LAS

Cubicle DCC-715-R

Staff directory for CELT site - 37

Deborah Ithenumah

Administrative Assistant

Geoff Kolomayz headshot

Geoff Kolomayz

Writer/Trainer, Live Actor Simulation

Ext: 554805

Greg Morriss headshot

Greg Morris

Writer/Trainer, Live Actor Simulation

Ext: 544954

Katherine Turner headshot

Katherine Turner

Writer/Trainer, Live Actor Simulation

Ext: 554806

Academic Integrity Office

John Paul Foxe headshot

John Paul Foxe


Ext: 553660 | Office JOR 1232

Natalie Bulzan headshot

Natalie Bulzan

Administrative and Appeals Coordinator

Ext: 557800 | Office JOR 1201

Cindy Dy headshot

Cynthia Dy

Finance and Operations Officer, Vice Provost Academic

Ext: 552356 | Office JOR 1228

Allyson Miller headshot

Allyson Miller

Academic Integrity Specialist

Ext: 544568 | Office JOR 1230

Staff directory for CELT site - 51

Shannon Nguyen

Academic Integrity Specialist

Kasha Visutskie headshot

Kasha Visutskie

Academic Integrity Specialist

Ext: 544790 | Office JOR 1231