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The AIO is happy announce that we're back on campus (Jorgenson, 12th floor) as of August 29, 2022. However, all facilitated discussions, academic misconduct appeals, and penalty hearings will continue to be held remotely until further notice.  Please direct any questions/concerns to

Academic Integrity in Space!

Go head-to-head with Captain Plague and the League of Unearned to learn about Policy 60 and academic integrity and to earn certificates for saving the planets Ethica, Originon, and Independus!

Student Resources

Our office offers a number of resources, digital and in-person, to guide you through Toronto Metropolitan University’s academic integrity policy.

Dealing with a Suspicion of Misconduct

We can provide you with information, resources and tools to get you through the suspicion process.

Academic Integrity Basics

New to Toronto Metropolitan University and want to learn more about academic integrity and the university’s academic integrity policy?

Faculty & Instructor Resources

Access online tools and resources for information about academic standards at Toronto Metropolitan University, and how to integrate policies in your classroom.

Report Academic Misconduct

Suspect a student of academic misconduct? Find information on guidelines and reporting processes.

Access Detection Tools

Get more information on how to correctly identify academic misconduct, and how to deal with it.

Academic Integrity Office News