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Academic Integrity: Our Shared Responsibility

Academic integrity is achieved through honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and courage. These values are central to the development and sharing of knowledge, and each of us has a responsibility to foster and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Some ways that we can protect the integrity of our institution and our degrees are:

  1. Focus on education and prevention--On our "Students" and "Faculty" pages you'll find valuable resources to that effect.
  2. Understand and apply the definition of academic misconduct under Policy 60: Academic Integrity.
  3. Understand that each of us has a responsibility to report academic misconduct if we believe it may have occurred.
  4. Keep the lines of communication open between instructors and students.
  5. Take advantage of the resources (opens in new window)  available to you.
  6. Get involved with the Academic Integrity Office by joining the Academic Integrity Council (faculty & students), the Designated Decision Makers Council (faculty), and/or the Academic Integrity Ambassadors Program (students).