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Academic Integrity Ambassadors

Volunteer Now!

TMU's Academic Integrity Office is looking for a keen group of current students to be part of the Ambassadors team.

The mission is to promote a culture of academic integrity at TMU through engaging students in peer-to-peer and educational programs.

In this position, you will:

  • Meet with the team to brainstorm outreach materials and events
  • Discuss current student issues and concerns
  • Network with the Academic Integrity Office staff and fellow Ambassadors
  • Participate in events that promote academic integrity

Past Events

  • International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating
  • The Learning and Teaching Office Conference: Academic Integrity Panel
  • Orientation Events
  • Information Sharing Meetings
  • Poster Campaigns
  • Conferences
  • Exam Season Events 
  • Academic Integrity Awareness Week

Transferable Skills

Volunteer with us and your commitment to academic integrity won't go unrewarded.  Check out some of the amazing transferable skills you can develop:

  • Conduct original research and write original pieces to be featured across the Academic Integrity Office’s media platforms
  • Build portfolios with creative and informative outreach materials
  • Refine your skills in public-speaking by delivering presentations