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Policy 60 Review

Senate Policy 60: Academic Integrity is currently under review. As such, the policy review committee (PRC) is seeking feedback on Policy 60 from the TMU community. The PRC will be consulting with stakeholders over the coming months. If you would like to submit feedback on Policy 60, you can do so via this form (external link, opens in new window)  or by sending an email to

Policy Review Committee Members

Co-Chair: Sean Kheraj, Vice-Provost Academic

Co-Chair: Allyson Miller, Director, Academic Integrity Office

  • Kasha Visutskie - Academic Integrity Office
  • Shannon Nguyen - Academic Integrity Office
  • Jason Lisi - Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching 
  • Donna Bell - Senate Office
  • Victoria Madsen - Senate Office
  • Faculty
    • Linda Koechli, Chang School of Continuing Education 
    • Catherine Ellis, Faculty of Arts (History)
    • Kateryna Metersky, Faculty of Community Services (Nursing)
    • Donatus Oguamanam,  Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (Mechanical Engineering)
    • Eric Da Silva, Faculty of Science (Physics)
    • Graham Hudson, Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    • Chris MacDonald, Ted Rogers School of Management (Law and Business)
    • James Nadler, The Creative School (RTA Media)
    • Nancy Walton, Yeates School of Graduate Studies 
  • Students
    • Sophie Campbell, Lincoln Alexander School of Law
    • Justin Murgai, Chang School of Continuing Education
    • Aj Rehman, undergraduate
    • Leslie Sinclair, Yeates School of Graduate Studies

Policy 60: Academic Integrity

Policy 60: Procedures

Policy 60: Guidelines