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For Students

Academic Integrity in Space!

Go head-to-head with Captain Plague and the League of Unearned to learn about Policy 60 and academic integrity and to earn certificates for saving the planets Ethica, Originon, and Independus!  Play the game here:, opens in new window. 

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Imagine a world where grades are for sale...

Contract cheating--when a third party does a student's work and the student submits it for credit--is possibly the greatest threat to the integrity of education.  We asked university students across Ontario to imagine what could happen if grades were for sale.

Check out these short and informative videos . They present some of the values and behaviours expected of Toronto Metropolitan University students and some of the most common misconceptions about academic integrity.

Penalties & Consequences

Get a brief description of the findings, penalties and consequences of academic misconduct. See the step-by-step process of how the Academic Integrity policy process works from suspicion to appeal.

Definitions of Academic Misconduct

Plagiarism, cheating, misrepresentation of personal identity...what are the definitions  of academic misconduct and some common misconceptions.

Important Resources

Access important academic and non-academic resources, as well as comprehensive services, workshops and related resources.