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Academic Success

Your academic success is important to us

Take advantage of the wide range of free services that will facilitate your success at TMU, including individual consultations with a learning strategist, writing and English language support, free peer tutoring for selected courses, and academic probation workshops.

Faculty of Arts Academic Support Coaches

Arts Academic Support Coaches are available to help you improve your writing and develop vital academic skills. We can meet you online or in-person - all you need to do is to book an appointment!  

You can come at any stage of the writing process - from brainstorming to polishing final drafts, we can help you. You can also visit to chat about academic skills, like time management or exam preparation.

Meet your Academic Support Coaches!

Jennifer Adler

After completing my Undergraduate degree in Media Production at Toronto Metropolitan University, I am excited to return to pursue my Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration. I have a robust background in communications and I am deeply passionate about writing. I am eager to engage in collaborative learning and knowledge sharing as an Academic Support Coach. I look forward to contributing to our collective academic journey!


Karen Chan

My name is Karen Chan and I am a second-year Master’s student in the Psychological Science program! I completed my undergraduate degree at McMaster University and I am very excited to continue my research investigating how people perceptually and socially evaluate AI-generated media at the SPIRAL lab at TMU. My two years of experience in student mentorship within an academic and research setting has familiarized me with effective reading and writing techniques used in scientific literature. Hopefully, I can share these tips with you! Outside of my academic life, I am a huge travel bug (I’ve been to 22 countries so far) and I love to cook.


Sze Yan Lau

Hello! My name is Sze Yan and I am a Master of Social Work student, specializing in the Mental Health and Health field.  My post-secondary academic journey began here at TMU, where I completed my undergraduate degree in the Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS) program. I am especially interested in bridging anthropology with mental health studies. Having the experiences of being an International student myself, I understand the unique challenges for this student group, on top of other life and academic struggles. My extensive volunteer experiences as a peer supporter working with student groups from different demographies enriched these understandings. Hopefully, my academic experiences, mental health expertise, and comprehensive insights of the student groups can all contribute to your academic success! I enjoy exploring beautiful sceneries and parks in my spare time!


Andrea Lee

My name is Andrea Lee, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University. My research interests are in stress, social anxiety, and resilience, with a focus on culture and migrant groups, and I am a part of the Psychophysiology Lab at TMU. It definitely took me a very long time to find my own studying and writing style, and I look forward to helping others figure out techniques that work for them. In my free time, I like to explore different parks and trails with my dog, Ollie.


Natalie Martin

My name is Nat (she/her) and I’m a PhD student in philosophy. Before my PhD, I completed a master’s degree in philosophy at TMU. My main area of research at the moment is bioethics. I’ve been learning or teaching at a university for the last eleven years. That means I have lots of practical tips for academic writing, reading, and surviving. My goal is to help you learn to thrive in university (and beyond!) 

All current Faculty of Arts students.

  • Anytime!
  • When you are starting, working on or completing an assignment, statement or application
  • When you are looking for advice or have questions
  • When you want to step up your academic performance
  • When you want support to help you succeed
  • When you feel that you are struggling or may be struggling in the future

Academic Support Coaches will:

  • Help you with any piece of writing from your Arts courses, or on personal statements, research statements, or other scholarship/graduate school application elements
  • Work with you to develop your ideas, brainstorm different approaches, understand assignment prompts, and refine your written communication style
  • Work with you to develop your own identity as a writer
  • Help you with other academic skills too - we can discuss things like time management, exam preparation, the research process, or taking notes in lectures

Academic Support Coaches won't:

  • Edit or proofread your written work for you
  • Read your work in advance of the appointment
  • Provide feedback in emails

Each appointment is booked for 1 hour, though the actual consultation will usually take about 45 minutes.

You’ll need to share your piece of writing, so please bring a hard copy, upload your document on WCOnline, or give your Coach access to a Google Doc.

We note which class you’re in for our records, but we do not inform your faculty member or TA that you’ve visited us.

You can book up to two appointments per week.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be marked as a ‘no-show’. Please email to discuss rescheduling.

You can cancel using WCOnline up to two hours before your appointment time. If you need to cancel after that, please email

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Looking for support? Contact your Program Administrator!

Program Administrators (PAs) are you first stop for academic and non-academic support or questions. Their extensive knowledge of TMU's systems and individual programs makes them a valuable resource for all students. 

Find your program administrator

 (external link) 

Academic Support Coaches can help with:

  • Writing papers, personal or research statements, or scholarship/graduate school application elements
  • Developing ideas and approaches
  • Understanding assignments
  • Time management skills
  • Exam preparation skills
  • Research skills
  • Note taking skills

If you have been assigned a Probationary Academic Standing at the end of the academic term visit the links below for answers to your questions about what it means to be on academic probation. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire to help you identify the challenges that are affecting your academic performance, and discover for the on-campus resources that can help you address these challenges so you can get back on track with a Clear Academic Standing.

Students who have been Required to Withdraw (RTW) from their TMU undergraduate program may not formally return to their program (or transfer to another TMU undergraduate program) until 12 months have elapsed.  If you have been Required to Withdraw (RTW), you may choose to participate in the Fresh Start program for reinstatement to your current program, or transfer to another program (where permitted). Visit the links below for more information.

Student Learning Support (opens in new window)  / The Student Learning Support offers a wide range of services and resources, including live workshops, online seminars, tip sheets, and more, to help you achieve academic success. Find out more about by visiting the Student Learning Support.

Writing Support (opens in new window)  / Writing Support offers free services to help you improve your writing. Visit the writing support website to book an individual appointment with a writing tutor or to find electronic handouts on referencing styles, essay writing, grammar, literature reviews and many more writing topics.

English Language Support (opens in new window)  / English Language Support provides services and non-credit programs to support students who use English as a second language.

Academic Accommodation Support (opens in new window)  / Academic Accommodation Support provides students with disabilities accommodation services and supports needed to achieve academic success and access to the university within the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Math Support (opens in new window)  / Math Support supports Toronto Metropolitan students in all programs with their math skills and math-related courses. The MC currently offers daily drop-in tutoring sessions for individuals and groups, and also runs Facilitated Study (FA-ST) groups at specific times.

Tri-Mentoring (opens in new window)  / The Tri-Mentoring Program offers mentorship opportunities to students of all identities across all faculties. The program matches 1st year students with upper year students in the same program or with similar interests in order to help incoming students successfully transition into their 1st year at Toronto Metropolitan . Mentors then have the opportunity to be matched with an industry professional & will gain guidance and encourage students to progress towards their goals. We facilitate student's learning, leadership and employment through mentoring, getting students involved and having them meet other people.

Faculty of Arts Counsellors (opens in new window)  / We offer two types of counselling services offered by our professional counsellors in the Faculty of Arts. These counselling services are tailored to deal with your career and personal issues. All counselling services are confidential and free.

Faculty of Arts Program Administrators (opens in new window)  / Your Program Administrator provides one-on-one advising regarding your academic path, administrative issues, policies, and helps you connect with resources and services on campus to enhance your academic performance. Contact your Program Administrator if you have any questions or concerns about your academic and non-academic success.