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General Inquiries:     416-979-5000, ext. 554040


Campus Location:    Jorgenson Hall (JOR-100)
                                    380 Victoria St.
                                    Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3
                                    Faculty of Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University

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Map of 380 Victoria St. Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3

 The Faculty of Arts is supported by a team on the first and third floors of Jorgenson Hall. Together, we strive to provide exceptional client service, tools and support to achieve the goals and unique initiatives that contribute to the success of the Faculty of Arts. That team provides support to faculty, students and partners through services such as academic support, research assistance, student life services, administrative support, best practices, financial services, strategic planning and faculty events and communications.

Michael Torres
Director, Communications Strategy and Media Relations
416-979-5000 ext. 552266

Elani Phillips
Digital Content and Communications Coordinator
416-979-5000 ext. 553684

Sam Dano
Communications Specialist

Tanya Hannah Rumble
Executive Director, Development
416-979-5000, ext. 554796

Greg Fiorido
Manager, Finance
416-979-5000, ext. 555092

Kathryn Rowan
Manager, Academic Administration
416-979-5000, ext. 557155

Elishah Velji
Assistant to the Dean
416-979-5000, ext. 557143

Jazel Alejado
Front Desk Administrator
416-979-5000, ext. 554040

Tammy Fuoco
Research Accounts Support Officer
416-979-5000, ext. 554194

Alvin Ying
Graduate Data Coordinator
416-979-5000, ext. 554970

Dr. Valerie Deacon
Manager of Academic Support and Curriculum Innovation
416-979-5000, ext. 544974

Yumi Numata
Director of Operations, Yellowhead Institute

Mike MacDonald, Dereje Mekeuria, & Ricardo Gomez-Hervis
Arts I.T. Support Team
416-979-5000, ext. 552723

Claire Cornacchia
Events Coordinator
416-979-5000 ext. 553869

 Individuals in the Student Experience Centre include a team of professionals who specialize in community-engaged teaching and learning, educational and career planning, personal counselling, student life and leadership.

Alana Senwasane
Career Education Specialist
416-979-5000, ext. 55187

Jill Careless
Community Liaison / Experiential Learning Coordinator 
416-979-5000, ext. 554798

Ruth Frolic
Personal Counselor
416-979-5000, ext. 554847

Siobhan Stewart
Black Student Success Facilitator 


Avala Moore
Manager, Student Relations and Development
416-979-500,0 ext. 552718

Dr. Reena Tandon, PhD
Curricular Service Learning Coordinator
416-979-5000, ext. 555321

Sonny Wong
Career Counselor
416-979-5000, ext. 552141

Dilan Arslan
Administrative Assistant

 Our PARTNERS AND CONSULTANTS directly collaborate with Arts providing assistance with marketing, human resources, community engagement and more.

Tania Ulrich
PR & Communications Specialist

Jeff Pabillar
Senior Human Resources Partner
HR & Office of the Dean of Arts
416-979-5000, ext. 555172

Shiladitya (Sheel) Sarkar 
Senior Compensation Specialist
416-979-5000, ext. 544145

Aleeza Balita
Marketing and Creative Services

Program Director
Dr. Dana Osborne
416-979-5000, ext. 557357

Program Administrator
Justin van Lieshout
416-979-5000, ext. 557939

Dr. Dan Horner
416-979-5000, ext. 554090

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Emily van der Meulen
416-979-5000, ext. 553010

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Sara Thompson
416-979-5000, ext. 552902

Department Administrator
Nadia Aboulhosn
416-979-5000, ext. 554617

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Kristy Kraemer
416-979-5000, ext. 552121

Graduate Program Administrator
Criminology and Social Justice (MA)
Mary Beth Halferty Kraay
416-979-5000, ext. 554955


Dr. Brennan Thompson
416-979-5000, ext. 554258

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Debapriya Sen
416-979-5000, ext. 552662

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Cathy Ning
416-979-5000, ext. 556181

Department Administrator
Neva von Wasilewski
416-979-5000, ext. 556182

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Neha Thakordas
416-979-5000, ext. 552029

Graduate Program Administrator International Economics & Finance (MA); Economics (PhD)
Karen Fajardo
416-979-5000, ext. 557856

Interim Chair
Dr.  Andrew O'Malley

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Dale Smith
416-979-5000, ext. 554195

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Jason Boyd
416-979-5000, ext. 557509

Department Administrator
Afrina Hashem
416-979-5000, ext. 556138

Interim Undergraduate Program Administrator, BA English
Justin van Lieshout
416-979-5000, ext. 556137

Graduate Program Administrator, MA Literatures of Modernity
Lisa Benadiba
416-979-5000, ext. 552125

Dr. David Atkinson
416-979-5000, ext. 552693

Undergraduate Program Director, Geographic Analysis
Dr. Claus Rinner
416-979-5000, ext. 552686

Undergraduate Program Director, Environment & Urban Sustainability
Dr. Andrew Millward
416-979-5000, ext. 552673

Graduate Program Director, Spatial Analysis (MSA)
Dr. Eric Vaz
416-979-5000, ext. 553121

Department Administrator
Jessica Barnett
416-979-5000, ext. 555087

Undergraduate Program Administrator, Geographic Analysis
Sarah Carmichael
416-979-5000, ext. 557149

Undergraduate Program Administrator, Environment & Urban Sustainability
Mindy Vuong
416-979-5000, ext. 553036

Graduate Program Administrator, Spatial Analysis (MSA)
Lisa Benadiba
416-979-5000, ext. 552125

Interim Chair
Dr. Mélanie Knight
416-979-5000, ext. 554191

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Jean Li
416-979-5000, ext. 552607

Department Administrator
Fatima Da Silva
416-979-5000, ext. 556132

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Anne-Marie Dawes
416-979-5000, ext. 552691

Dr. Ketty Zafra
416-979-5000, ext. 556130

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Jamin Pelkey
416-979-5000, ext. 552523

Department Administrator
Winnie Ho
416-979-5000, ext. 553465

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Wendy Crolla
416-979-5000, ext. 544557

Dr. Andrew Hunter
416-979-5000, ext. 557185

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Diane Enns
416-979-5000, ext. 553209

Graduate Program Director
Dr. David Ciavatta
416-979-5000, ext. 552698

Undergraduate Program/Department Administrator
Ryan Walters
416-979-5000, ext. 553208

Graduate Program Administrator, Philosophy (MA)
Malu Maia
416-979-5000, ext. 552711

(combined with Graduate Program Director role)

Interim Chair
Dr. Tuna Baskoy
416-979-5000, ext. 552702

Undergraduate Program Director Politics & Governance
Dr. Grace Edward Galabuzi 
416-979-5000, ext. 556189

Undergraduate Program Director, Public Administration & Governance
Dr. Duncan MacLellan
416-979-5000, ext. 554182

Graduate Program Director, Public Policy & Administration (MA)
Dr. Tracey Raney
416-979-5000, ext 552701

Graduate Program Director, Policy Studies (PhD)
Dr. Ron Vogel
416-979-5000, ext. 556054

Department Administrator
Diane Chong
416-979-5000, ext. 552077

Undergraduate Program Administrator, Public Administration & Governance
Viola Ing
416-979-5000, ext. 555057

Undergraduate Program Administrator, Politics & Governance
Alyssa Adams
416-979-5000, ext. 557477

Graduate Program Administrator, Public Policy and Administration (MA)
Julia Macan
416-979-5000, ext. 552026

Graduate Program Administrator, Policy Studies (PhD)
Mary Beth Halferty Kraay
416-979-5000, ext. 557869


Dr. Martin Antony
416-979-5000, ext. 552631

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Kristin Vickers
416-979-5000, ext. 557727

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Todd Girard
416-979-5000, ext. 552646

Department Administrator
Francesca Grillo
416-979-5000, ext. 557047

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Paul Thorne
416-979-5000, ext. 556193

Undergraduate Program Assistant
Diana Katgara
416-979-5000, ext. 556193

Graduate Program Administrator
Alicia VanDeWeghe
416-979-5000, ext. 552178

Research Operations Administrator
Carson Pun
416-979-5000, ext. 552367

Dr. Cheryl Teelucksingh
416-979-5000, ext. 552613

Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Jacqui Gingras
416-979-5000, ext. 557726

Department Administrator
Duck Yu
416-979-5000, ext. 552282

Undergraduate Program Administrator
Elizabeth Johnson
416-979-5000, ext. 554753

Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Anne-Marie Lee-Loy

Undergraduate Program Coordinator/LS
Tali Ajimal
416-979-5000, ext. 553876