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Welcome, Faculty and Staff

The Faculty of Arts is a hub of dynamic teaching, research and community engagement activity supported by effective, efficient operations, and what drives our success is our talented, dedicated and innovative team.

To help you excel as faculty and staff members, we’re sharing here a range of important information and resources. You’ll find details on academic and senate policies, research funding, teaching awards, media engagement and more. You’ll also find links to offices and services at Ryerson that can support you in your roles.

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Dean's Office Contacts

Looking for someone in the Dean's office? Check the Faculty of Arts Dean's Office directory.

Departments' Contacts

Departments' Contacts

Looking for Departments' Chairs, DAs and PAs? View the Faculty of Arts Departments Directory.

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Grants & Funding

Funding drives ideas - learn more about grant opportunities.

Awards & Recognition

Acknowledging outstanding teaching & staff service. See the 2021 award winners.