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Arts NOW

Arts NOW (Navigate our Way) will help you develop the wayfinding skills to make the most of your university experience.

One of the burdens that can make this journey challenging for many students is the anxiety that your liberal arts degree in humanities or social sciences will not get you very far in this world. Actually, these degrees are highly regarded and graduates from these programs are very successful. However, it does take some wayfinding skills to figure out how to mobilize the important abilities you develop in these programs (such as making effective arguments, discerning fact from fiction and communicating well) can serve you in making the life you want after graduation.

Arts NOW is a suite of courses which, in combination with extra-curricular activities, can help you develop your own compass so you can make your way through this journey and on to the next one.

The courses and activities in Arts NOW aim to help you find your way, combining elements of well-being, academic tenacity, career development, and inquiring strategies. We believe that learning about these approaches is not enough; you need to practice them to navigate through the many transitions, triumphs and setbacks you will face in your undergraduate journey and beyond. Each course in Arts NOW focuses on capacity-development and practise, helping you assemble a repertoire of strategies to meet the multi-dimensional challenges of realizing the potential of your liberal arts education.

In Fall 2021, the Arts NOW courses include: SSH 100, SSH 102, PSY 706

In Winter 2022, the Arts NOW courses include: SSH 102, SSH 500, SOC 494