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Architecture Admissions

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We admit approximately 30 students each year into the master of architecture (MArch) program. By providing individual attention to each student’s development, we create an environment that enables you to grow as a skilled professional, design leader and agent of positive change.

We recently hosted an information session that allowed for both virtual and in person attendees to ask questions about our application process and about our program. However, we did record the session. Please see the presentation below that outlines our program and the application process.


We are now accepting applications for fall 2023. The first consideration deadline is Jan. 20, 2023, and the program will begin to review applications after this date. 

Minimum Academic Requirement

  • Completed a BArchSc degree (or equivalent), with a minimum grade point average (GPA) or equivalent of 3.00/4.33 (B)
  • Achieved a minimum of 3.00/4.33 (B) in the last two years of study

Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications. The MArch program offers preparation for entry into the profession of architecture to students admitted with an undergraduate degree in architectural science (BArchSc) or its equivalent. You must hold an undergraduate pre-professional degree in architecture that is part of an accredited professional program (CACB or equivalent). College programs and degrees that are not part of an accredited architecture program are normally considered insufficient preparation for admission to the program.

How to Apply

Submitting a complete application package to the architecture program is a two-stage process: 1) Submit your application via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC); and 2) Prepare your documents to upload via Toronto Met’s Yeates School of Graduate Studies (the online system is mandatory; the Yeates School of Graduate Studies will not accept any hard copy application packages, nor will they be processed).

1. Submit Your Application via OUAC

Visit the Ontario Universities' Application Center website  (external link) (OUAC), select your “Status in Canada” from the drop-down menu and click “Save.”

Select the program(s) you wish to apply to and click “Save Program” (maximum three programs).

Create or log in to your OUAC account. Ensure that you write down your username and password so you may return to your application if necessary at a later date.

Prepare your application using the navigation bar on the left to fill out your information, click “Review and Submit,” and verify that all information is accurate.

Make the payment of $110 per program as requested. All application fees are non-refundable.

Submit your application.

Note: Make sure to apply to the correct program; once you submit your application, you cannot change the program(s) you selected initially.

Check your inbox (ensure it’s the email address you provided in your OUAC application) for instructions outlining how to upload your documents electronically.

Note: If you have a university email address, you will receive all correspondence via that email inbox. If you do not yet have a university email address, you will receive all correspondence via the email inbox indicated in your online application.

2. Prepare Your Documents to Upload via Toronto Met’s Yeates School of Graduate Studies

After you have completed your OUAC application, an online account will be created for you on MyServiceHub (opens in new window)  within 1-2 business days. You will be emailed within 2-3 business days to create your online identity and upload your required documents, which are outlined below.

Make sure your documents are clearly labeled before they are uploaded. Once you have gathered all the required documents and activated your online identity, you can log on to the Applicant Upload portal. After you have successfully uploaded all your required documents, your application will enter the review process. Monitor your application status in MyServiceHub and through the Applicant Upload portal.

You are required to submit a brief written statement of about 500 words outlining your research interests within the discipline of architecture. Your statement should relate to one or more of the Department of Architectural Science’s program themes and should examine this question: What will the role of the architectural profession be in the coming decades? You should try to be as detailed as possible regarding your own vision of architecture.

You may include, but are not limited to, relevant work experience, education, awards (academic, professional or financial), publications, technical skills, research experience, prior production or media experience and/or memberships in relevant professional associations.

A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required. Reference letters are a key component of your application package, so it is important that you select appropriate referees. It is also your responsibility to contact the referee before filling out the online application form to confirm their availability.

Your referees should have the ability to comment on your past achievements and your potential as a graduate student. In most cases, the referees will be former professors or research supervisors familiar with your abilities. If you have been out of school for a significant period of time, a letter from an employer may be more appropriate.

If you have graduated from the Toronto Met BArchSc program within the last four years* you are not required to submit letters of reference. Simply type the following e-mail address into the referee section of your application:

*If you are applying for fall 2022, the last four years would be 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019.

When Applying

Transcripts (or mark sheets, where applicable) are required from every accredited institution you have attended. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for admissions/evaluation purposes.

Previous Toronto Met Students

If you are a previous Toronto Met undergraduate or graduate student, please upload your unofficial transcript.
You can find more information on obtaining an unofficial transcript from MyServiceHub.

Students from Ontario Universities and Colleges

Applicants from Ontario universities and colleges will have the option of ordering their transcripts while completing the online application.

Language of Transcripts

If your transcripts/documents are in a language other than English, you must provide a notarized English translation. However, translations do not replace original documentation; both versions must be submitted.

Grading Scales

Please include your institution’s grading scale, often located on the back of a transcript. Please ensure to upload both sides of your transcript. If your transcript does not list a grading scale, please ensure you upload a document from the university with the grading scale outlined. Toronto Met reserves the right to determine equivalency at its sole discretion if a grading scale is not provided. The Yeates School of Graduate Studies does not accept external assessments conducted by third-party agencies such as WES or ICAS. However, when requested, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies will accept the verification of the document only.

Upon Admittance

If you have been admitted into the master of architecture (MArch) program and have confirmed your offer, you will be required to submit official final transcript(s) in a sealed envelope that is sent directly from the institution(s), if not already on file. An official transcript is a document that is normally prepared by an institution’s Registrar's Office. Official transcripts are printed on security paper and bear the official seal of the institution. This document includes all courses completed, final grades, degree(s) awarded and other applicable academic information. Toronto Met students are not required to submit an official Toronto Met transcript.

If you are taking a spring and/or summer course(s) and your graduation status has been delayed to the fall term, you must submit an official transcript with all completed courses and grades, and a letter from your institution’s Registrar’s Office stating your degree requirements have been met and that you are eligible to graduate, including the date of the expected convocation. This letter must be prepared on official letterhead and sent directly from your institution in a sealed envelope.

If you have withdrawn from a program since applying and accepting an offer to Toronto Met, and the program did not serve as the basis of admission, your official transcript must indicate that you have withdrawn from the program. Alternatively, you may submit an official transcript with all completed courses and grades, and attach a separate letter from the institution’s Registrar’s Office confirming that you have withdrawn from the program. This letter must be prepared on official letterhead and sent directly from your institution in a sealed envelope. Please contact the Admissions Office (opens in new window)  to ensure a withdrawal from a program does not impact your admission status.

Note: Your admissions application will remain incomplete and will not be forwarded to the program’s admissions committee for consideration unless your transcripts are received/uploaded.

If you have not completed two or more years, full-time, at a Canadian university or a university at which English was the primary language of instruction, or have not completed a graduate degree at a university where English was the primary language of instruction, you will be required to provide certification of English language proficiency through one of these accepted examinations. Test scores are valid for two years from the test date.

If you have completed a degree, internationally, at a French-speaking institution, you must also provide English language proficiency.

For exemption from this requirement, you are required to provide an official statement from your institution’s Registrar's Office confirming the use of English as the medium of instruction for the duration of your study.

Note: Meeting the minimum English proficiency requirements does not guarantee admission. Programs may set additional requirements to these minimum standards.

The portfolio is a collection of your work that demonstrates your high level of competence in all aspects of architectural design and representation. It is the most important single piece of documentation that you will submit in this application, and it should receive significant attention in terms of content and design. It should include work done at school and in professional practice.

Format of Portfolio

1.  Please submit the portfolio to the Applicant Upload portal as a single PDF document.

2. The portfolio must include the following information on the cover page:

  • The words “Master of Architecture Portfolio”
  • Your name
  • Your mailing address, telephone number, email address, and other contact information

3. Page two of the portfolio must be the completed PDF file  (PDF file) statement of authorship (opens in new window) .

4. On pages three and four of the portfolio, include a one-page summary CV and a one page summary Statement of Thesis Intent. Please note that these are in addition to the separate submissions for each of these documents, which are also required to be uploaded as separate files.

5. The portfolio may include up to 30 additional pages individual pages or 15 two-page spreads.  The portfolio may include images of creative work in any media. If your work is heavily video-based, please contact the associate chair prior to submitting your application.

6. All work must be clearly labelled. Identify the name/title of the work or project, the medium and date of work, and provide any other information regarding the work submitted. If work was produced in a professional context, identify your specific role or roles on the project. Work from school completed with a group of classmates must list the names of each member of the group.

Note: Please do not submit a hard copy of the portfolio, or any original material such as models, furniture, sculpture etc. Only PDF submissions will be reviewed. Any 3D materials such as those noted above are to be documented photographycially for inclusion in the PDF document.