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Statement on the Conflict in the Middle East

In the wake of recent events in the Middle East, our university reiterates its firm stance against terrorism, attacks on civilians, and any form of discrimination. As we mourn the immense loss of life, we remain steadfast in our commitment to support all affected members of our community. Please read our full statement for resources and assistance available to students, faculty, and staff during these challenging times. The link to the full statement can be found here.

Toronto Metropolitan's Department of Architectural Science (DAS) is the only school in Canada with a unique interdisciplinary model that integrates across three disciplines: architecture, building science and project management. Our undergraduate program (BArchSc) enables you to choose the specialty that best suits you, and our highly selective graduate programs in architecture (MArch and PhD) and building science (MBSc, MASc and PhD) give you the opportunity to become a skilled professional and design leader.

Through our partnerships, you will work with prominent professionals, government agencies and developers to get your vision and solutions out into the world—and that’s before you graduate. After, your career options will be vast, from working in an architecture practice, to supervision in general construction, to product manufacturing or leading your own consultancy.

Whatever path you follow, at DAS you will receive guidance from world-renowned faculty, use advanced technologies, and learn how to think critically and collaboratively. Our extensive theoretical, technological and experiential approach to education ensures that you will understand every stage of a project, from concept to completion. In short, you’ll be qualified to design, detail and deliver on every project you undertake.

The program in architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University is fully accredited, for a six-year term, by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

Two students speak in front of architectural drawings

Professional Experience

Looking to expand your portfolio and make career-building connections? Our Architectural Science Co-operative Education Internship (ASCEI) gives our best and brightest the chance to learn, grow and contribute at an architecture or construction firm during their studies.

Students gather by a miniature model of a town

Global Learning

Eager to explore? Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, by participating in our various excursions and international exchanges, you’ll engage with influential designs, people and places.

A student building an architectural structure

Student Experience

Up for learning beyond the lecture hall? Our collaborative studios and immersive experiences offer meaningful opportunities for undergraduate students, architecture graduate students and building science graduate students.

Dr. Will Galloway stands smiling in front of his work

Our People

With a background in civil engineering and construction management, Dr. Ehsan Azar’s work focuses on the development of AI systems to improve monitoring and controlling processes in construction. As a building science professor, Helen Stopps’ research resides at the intersection of the policy, social, and technical systems that are employed in building infrastructure. Read more about their work DAS Stories & Events website.

Aerial image of Toronto Metropolitan University and downtown Toronto

The Centre of Toronto

Our location at the heart of Canada’s largest city allows you to explore and experience a major developing urban area, as well as evaluate and propose new solutions for urban living.

Alumni Spotlight

“In the Department of Architectural Science, there’s a big emphasis on getting out of the studio and engaging with the wider community. I had the opportunity to help build a school in Ghana and work with local firms on charitable projects, which shaped the direction of my career.” 

David Campbell, architect at Arup
Architectural Science (MArch) ‘14

David Campbell looking at work in an awards show