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Dr. Yi Feng, Chair, Finance | Associate Professor

Dr. Yi Feng

Associate Professor
EducationMBA, PhD, CFA
OfficeTRS 1-078
Phone416-979-5000 ext: 6755


Dr. Yi Feng is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University. Her academic research focuses on corporate finance issues, including executive compensation, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. She is also interested in the research aspect of financial education, such as utilizing various electronic spreadsheet tools for pedagogical improvements. She has published several articles in the Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments, Journal of Economics and Business, and Spreadsheets in Education. She has also presented some of her work at various international academic conferences, including the annual meetings of the Financial Management Association, the Northern Finance Association, and the Asian Finance Association. She currently teaches undergraduate courses in corporate finance and valuation.

Executive compensation; director network; corporate governance; corporate social responsibility; new equity offerings; crowdfunding; investments; financial education

Journal Articles
Feng, Yi, Song, Keke, & Tian, Yisong, 2019, “Director networks and initial public offerings.” Journal of Banking & Finance, DOI: 10.1016/j.jbankfin.2019.07.001.
Feng, Yi, Nandy, Debarshi, and Tian, Yisong, 2015, “Executive Compensation and the Corporate Spin-Off Decision.” Journal of Economics and Business, 77, 94-117.
Feng, Yi, and Kwan, Clarence C.Y., 2015, “Interest Rate Conversion.” Spreadsheets in Education Vol. 8, Issue 1, Article 3, 1-26.
Brewer, Kevin D., Feng, Yi, and Kwan, Clarence C. Y., 2012, "Geometric Brownian Motion, Option Pricing, and Simulation: Some Spreadsheet-Based Exercises in Financial Modeling." Spreadsheets in Education Vol. 5, Issue 3, Article 4, 1-36.
Feng, Yi, and Kwan, Clarence C. Y., 2012, "Connecting Binomial and Black-Scholes Option Pricing Models: A Spreadsheet-Based Illustration." Spreadsheets in Education Vol. 5, Issue 3, Article 2, 1-27.
Feng, Yi, and Kwan, Clarence C. Y., 2012, "Bond Duration: A Pedagogic illustration." Spreadsheets in Education Vol. 5, Issue 3, Article 1, 1-34.
Feng, Yi, and Kwan, Clarence C.Y., 2011, “Time-Value Concepts, Bond Valuation, and Corresponding Spreadsheet Functions.” Spreadsheets in Education Vol. 5, Issue 1, Article 4, 1-25.
Feng, Yi, and Tian, Yisong, 2009, "Option Expensing and Managerial Equity Incentives." Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments 18(3), 195-241.
Year Research
2016 Ryerson TRSM Research Development Grant
2016 Ryerson SSHRC Institutional Grant
Ryerson TRSM SRC Travel Grant
Ryerson TRSM SRC Travel Grant
Ryerson TRSM Internal Research Grant
Ryerson SSHRC Institutional Grant
Course code Course title
FIN 300
Managerial Finance I
FIN 401
Managerial Finance II
AFF 210
Principles of Finance
AFF 420 Principles of Finance III