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The Ted Rogers School of Management's Student-Managed Investment Fund (TRSM-SMIF) was launched in Fall 2020 as an important part of the experiential learning initiative. The fund has $500,000 seed capital from the University Endowment. The participating students will learn and develop practical stock valuation and portfolio management skills to emulate the real-life investment. Dr. Yuanshun Li teaches the inaugural section of SMIF from Fall 2020 to Winter 2021, and also serves as the Chief Advisor and faculty supervisor to advise and direct the students managing the portfolio in accordance with the parameters outlined in the Board approved Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for TRSM-SMIF.

In addition to supervision by Dr. Li, guidance on trading activities will come from an advisory board comprised of the finance department chair, Dr. Alan Kaplan, School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) advisory board members, external investment professionals, internal faculty members and legal experts, which will ensure the compliance with laws, regulations and University policies/guidelines.

SMIF banner with a busy Toronto street at night as background

Program Structure

All Ted Rogers School of Management students with the specified prerequisites (see course outlines) are eligible for participation in the Fund. To avoid conflicts of interest that could arise during co-op terms, students will participate in the Fund only during their study terms.

Students managing the Fund will be enrolled in one of the following four Applied Investment Management courses at any one time:

  • FIN 65A/B – Applied Investment Management I (Analyst)
  • FIN 75A/B – Applied Investment Management II (Portfolio Manager)

While students must take the courses sequentially if they choose to take them, there is no requirement that they take any or all of these courses as part of their program requirements.

The courses are all one semester in duration.