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Designated Decision Makers Council

The Designated Decision Makers Council (DDMC) is a group of trained faculty/instructors who, upon request, act as Designated Decision Makers (DDM) on behalf of a CUPE 1 & 2 instructors. (Policy 60, Section 6.1.5 (opens in new window) )

Faculty and instructors who are interested in joining the DDMC can email for more information.

DDMC Members

Dr. Eric Da Silva, Chair (Department of Physics, FOS)

Dr. Richard Meldrum, Chair Designate (School of Occupational & Public Health, FCS)

Dr. Alan Kaplan (School of Accounting and Finance, TRSM)

Cecile Farnum (Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries)

Dr. Chris MacDonald (Law & Business, TRSM)

Dr. Fatih Sekercioglu (School of Occupational & Public Health, FCS)

Dr. Helen Stopps (Architectural Science, FEAS)

Dr. Jane Schmidt (Toronto Metropolitan University Libraries)

Dr. Klaas Kraay (Department of Philosophy, FOA)

Dr. Margaret Moulson (Department of Psychology, FOA)

Dr. Mohamed Elmi (Diversity Institute, TRSM)

Mojgan Rahbari-Jawoko (Immigration and Settlement, CHANG)

Dr. Nicole Land (School of Early Childhood Studies, FCS)

Dr. Sean Cornelius (Department of Physics, FCS)

Dr. Susan Jagger (School of Early Childhood Studies, FCS)


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