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About Ted Rogers Co-op

Advanced entry into Ted Rogers Co-op now available

Students who apply to the Ted Rogers School of Management can now receive advanced entry into the Ted Rogers Co-op program. 

What does this mean?

  • Your eligibility for advanced entry into the Ted Rogers Co-op program is based on your high school average. The higher your average, the more likely you will be offered advanced standing. 
  • Advanced entry gives you the opportunity to participate in the Co-op Prep Program in your 1st year,  including access to our extensive Bootcamp offerings.
  • There are multiple entry points into the Ted Rogers Co-op program, so if you do not meet the requirements for advanced entry, you still have the entire 1st year to improve your CGPA. We provide students an opportunity to apply to the program at the end of 1st year (or 2nd year, depending on your program and major).

Note: students who have been extended advanced entry can opt out at any time during their 1st year without penalty.

Ted Rogers Co-op is different

Our program has been designed with industry partners

Ted Rogers Co-op model has been designed in consultation with industry experts, to ensure it meets the changing needs of today's business world.


We offer a specialized prep program for students

Before a student's first work term, he/she participates in a specialized prep program including career readiness, self assessment,  professional competencies, peer mentoring and core technical skills. Our students offer you value from day one.

We use a real-world hiring process

Ted Rogers Co-op hiring process functions like any other job application. It is a competitive process that prepares students to successfully conduct a job search after graduation.

We offer unique co-op pathways for students and employers

In addition to the traditional Co-op pathway (4 month Co-op terms), TRSM offers work terms up to 16 months in duration.

TRSM also offers students the opportunity to work with not-for-profit organizations through the support of the Scotiabank Changemakers Fund.