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Hub Insights

Hub Insights

Hub Insights is a unit within the Business Career Hub (BCH) dedicated to sharing information and insights about today's complex employment marketplace. 

By harnessing a rich employment and engagement data set, including insights from more than 100,000 student interactions, 4,700 employer meetings, 5,700 co-op work term site visits and evaluations, and over 20,000 job descriptions, BCH is uniquely positioned to help drive a deeper understanding of labour trends, emerging skill sets and ways in which to manage early talent.

We support close to 13,000 full and part-time students at the Ted Rogers School, in addition to working closely with our Alumni, Faculty and Employer Partners.  

BCH Engagement Statistics

150K+ Student interactions across three business units including Ted Rogers Co-op, Career and Bootcamp teams.

50K+ Student appointments focused on individualized career coaching and mentoring.

470+ Employer events organized to provide students with opportunities to explore different industry sectors and career paths.

6K+ Employer meetings completed by a dedicated team of professionals focused on building meaningful relationships with our employer partners.

65K+ Co-op roles posted on our exclusive job portal, providing us with rich data on required skills and employment trends.

9K+ Co-op work terms secured by Ted Rogers Co-op students.

4.4K+ Co-op check ins with both students and their work term supervisors with a focus on safety in the workplace and individual contribution.

$116M+ Co-op student earnings created through the completion of co-op work terms.

5 Ted Rogers students standing beside each other and smiling into the camera

Insights for Students

Learn about growth sectors, skills employers are seeking, and how to prepare for a competitive marketplace.

2 professionals sitting beside each other, working collaboratively

Insights for Employers

Learn how to attract and retain top young talent and how we are preparing students for the workforce.

Group of faculty members laughing together

Insights for Faculty

Learn about graduate outcomes, employment trends, leading employers, co-op students' learning outcomes.