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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you any additional questions, please email us at

FAQs: General

Steps to register for a Bootcamp: 

  1. Click on the Bootcamp Schedule tab
  2. Browse or search for the Bootcamp you would like to register 
  3. Click Register 
  4. Click Add Item to the correct ticket type 
  5. Input your Basic Information and Additional Information
  6. Click Save and click Register at the bottom right corner 
  7. You will see a summary page with the ticket type and your contact information. Click Complete to confirm the information and finish the registration process
  8. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email from Ted Rogers School Notifications to confirm your registration

Your ticket can be cancelled using your confirmation/reminder email. Here are the steps to cancel your ticket:

1. To locate your confirmation/reminder email, search: Ted Rogers School Notifications

2. Scroll down and click “Cancel your Registration” button

3. Click Cancel Registration to confirm the cancellation

4. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

You can now easily add the Badge/Credential to your LinkedIn profile with one-click. Please view the email you received from Accredible and select View My Badge button in the email.  Then click on the "More" button under the button to share on LinkedIn. Click on "Add to LinkedIn Profile", then "Add to my Profile" and the credential fields will auto-populate on the LinkedIn forms. Ensure that the Issuing Organization is "Ted Rogers Bootcamps" (company) page.

Badges will be issued by the third week of the following month after you have completed the last required level/Bootcamp for the Badge. Please email if you have not received your badge after the three week time period. 

As of January 2021, we have updated our policy to make Bootcamps exclusive to TRSM students and alumni. Unfortunately, as a result, you will not be able to register for our events. 

We recommend that you continue to periodically check our website in future semesters to see if any new opportunities arise for the community.

As per the updated Business Career Hub Sign-Up-Show-Up Policy, you must cancel your ticket 24 hours in advance via the confirmation email. All TRSM undergraduate students who sign up for any event hosted by the Business Career Hub and do not show up without cancelling their tickets 24 hours before the event starts, will receive a strike. This policy can be found on the "Sign-Up-Show-Up Policy" tab located at the top of all Bootcamp registration pages. If you have any further questions or concerns, kindly connect with

If both the bootcamp tickets and waitlist spots are not available, please email us at with the name of the bootcamp and the date you would like to be added to the waitlist for. 

Please let us know by emailing and indicate which Bootcamp and date you attended.

There will be a second release of the Winter Schedule during the February reading week. This release will include Bootcamp dates for March and April.

FAQs: Badge 2.0

We are currently issuing badges for Excel, R, Python, Power BI, Tableau, and Marketing* for completion of Bootcamps from May 2019 onwards.

To receive a Badge for...

Excel, R, Python, Tableau and Power BI: Students are required to attend each Bootcamp in full and successfully complete a Challenge. Students are also required to submit a work submission file for the last level and the challenge to validate participation and engagement of the Bootcamps.

Marketing: Attend the Branding, Graphic/Visual Design, SEO & Analytics and Social Media Marketing Bootcamp and submit the work assigned for each of those Bootcamps.

Python, R, Tableau Badge recipients must retake our updated Level 3 Bootcamp, complete Level 4 and successfully complete a Challenge.

Power of Excel, Power BI recipients must successfully complete a Challenge for 2.0 badge eligibility.

You will have to sign up for a Challenge on your own as you would for any Bootcamp. 

At this time, you are not required to obtain a Badge 2.0 or complete a Challenge for Co-op.

If you are a part of the Fall 2020 Co-op intake and have not yet completed the Power of Excel or Power BI Bootcamps before the Winter 2021 semester, then you will remain eligible to also receive the original badge until April 2021. To qualify for the original badge, you must complete Levels 1-3 of a single Power of Excel Series, and Levels 1-2 of a Power BI Series.  

The first badge required you to attend all levels of the Bootcamp and submit your work at the end of each session. For Badge 2.0, you are required to attend all levels of the Bootcamp and successfully complete a challenge to apply your learning from the Bootcamps. The Badge 2.0 recognizes that you have applied your learning by solving a challenge.

No, you will only need to submit your work for the last level of the Bootcamps and the Challenge.

FAQs: Bootcamp Challenge

You can choose any date that best fits your schedule, you don’t have to complete it by a set date.

Based on your submission, the facilitator will determine whether you need to retake certain levels of the Bootcamp or just the Challenge.

Yes, you are able to but won't be eligible for Badge 2.0 without attending and completing outstanding requirements. We also recommend that you complete all levels of the Bootcamp prior to completing the Challenge as it encompasses material across the Levels.

You will have 5 days to complete the Challenge.

FAQs: Microsoft Certification

Hub Digital is a learning experience platform by the Business Career Hub to provide you with asynchronous learning opportunities. You will receive access to Hub Digital to complete your PowerPoint and Word Trail as part of the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.
If you have any issues accessing Hub Digital, please contact

At this time you are not required to pay for the examinations. You will be eligible to register for examinations without any fees if you successfully complete all the intake requirements.


If you are not able to satisfy the requirements prior to the deadlines, we suggest that you connect with our team at to discuss opportunities to register for the next intake or cancel your interest.


At this time the Microsoft Certification pathways are only available to TRSM Undergraduate students and Alumni who have completed an undergraduate degree at TRSM


Please email if you are unable to sign up for a Bootcamp that is required for your intake.

A candidate may participate in one retake per Microsoft Exam topic per academic term.

*Policy subject to change