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Students & Alumni

We are here to support you!

The Business Career Hub offers career development opportunities tailored to each student’s individual needs and program specialization.

We have specialized Career Coordinators for all TRSM program areas and will meet one-on-one with you to ensure that you have the academic, professional and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

All of your career consultants have a keen understanding of the marketplace and current employment opportunities, so you can tap into their expertise as you begin planning for a successful future.

As a recent graduate from TRSM we are very interested in hearing how your career is going. We would also love your feedback on how your education and experience at university helped prepare you for the workplace. We also wanted to remind you that all TRSM alumni are eligible for the Hub programs and services with life-time access following graduation!

Services for TSRM undergraduates and alumni

  • Skill building workshops
  • Resume building sessions
  • Networking etiquette training
  • Interview techniques sessions
  • Portfolio creation
  • Career showcases 
  • Information sessions

Additional services

  • One-on-one career and self-discovery consultations
  • Personalized industry-specific career advising
  • Career recruitment
  • Job interview coordination 

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