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The TRSM Business Career Hub is proud to collaborate with faculty. We believe that student engagement with the Business Career Hub is greatly improved when faculty demonstrate support for our events and programs. We work closely with TRSM faculty and staff to ensure that our programs and services align with in-class teachings. 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to view some examples of recent faculty engagement below.

The Business Career Hub actively works to support:

  • Industry guest lectures
  • In-class assignments
  • Engaging employers and business for program capstone projects
  • Advisory council and faculty committee meetings

The TRSM Business Career Hub would like to thank faculty for past collaborations and encourage programs, faculty and staff to continue to rely upon the Business Career Hub for any in-class career related initiatives.

In-class presentations are an effective way for the Hub to connect with TRSM students. These 5-minute presentations allow us to promote Business Career Hub services and programs directly to students. Connect with us to learn more.

1-on-1 professor meetings

students impacted by classroom integration


class presentations to date