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Frequently Asked Questions

Students and Alumni

The Business Career Hub career services include programming to help you identify career opportunities, market yourself, interview and negotiate offers.

Students, to meet with us please email (opens in new window)  for a 15-minute drop-in Monday to Friday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-4 p.m. or schedule an appointment (external link, opens in new window) .

Alumni, to meet with us please email

Definitely! Our team of Career Coordinators are here to support you. 

We recommend booking a 30-minute appointment through our self-scheduling website (external link, opens in new window)  if you would like both your resume and cover letter reviewed to ensure there is sufficient time. 

Drop-ins are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and can only be scheduled on the day of. 

In-person and virtual drop-ins are available Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule an appointment, please email (opens in new window)  with your full name, student number, ryerson email address, state whether you are in co-op and any additional notes on what you would like to chat about.

If you would like a drop-in for a future date, we recommend drafting an email and scheduling it to send on the day of the appointment!

Opportunities promoted by the Hub tend to have a variety of cycles, so we recommend you stay tuned with us, especially between September and April, to learn about employers who are specifically dedicated to hiring TRSM students for internships.

Some of the more frequent hiring periods are:

  • September–November
  • January–March

Keep in mind that timelines can also be industry specific, so we suggest you drop in to visit with a Career Coordinator to learn more about hiring in a specific industry.

The Hub promotes full- and part-time jobs, as well as paid co-ops/internships in a variety of ways. Please come by the Hub offices to discuss these options in more detail.

You may also access the following popular student/alumni search websites to locate alternate paid internship/co-op opportunities:

Most employers we work with are open to and excited about the possibility of hiring ALL BComm students, regardless of major, as long as they can contribute aligned value to the organization.

While there are some exceptions, your attractiveness as a candidate for different opportunities is also based on how you go about marketing yourself and targeting yourself to a specific audience as a BComm grad.

Most internships and new grad roles do not necessarily require a specific focus. Many simply state that pursuing/achieving a BComm is required.

If you are unsure of where to start, consider the following:

  1. Meeting with a Career Coordinator (drop in or schedule 1-on-1 appointment) to begin to explore areas of interest and/or attending our Setting Career Goals workshop and/or conducting some practice activities.
  2. You can also take a look at the “Introduction & Self Assessment” section of the Hub Career Preparation Workbook, which can be found on Blackboard. The activities in this section of the Workbook will help you do some self reflecting and assessment so you can clearly and effectively determine where your skills, interests and passions lie, and set career goals based on that information.

There are also a number of labour market resources that you may access to begin your exploration process. The following links are great ways to start exploring possible occupations:

Yes! We have a few ways to help you prepare for an upcoming interview.

You can briefly speak with a Career Coordinator as a drop-in appointment, if you are looking for some quick tips and information on how to prepare.

If you would like a more in-depth consultation, you can book an appointment with your designated Career Coordinator, who can review the interview process with you and help you prepare, or conduct a Mock Interview and provide you with feedback for improvement.

You can also sign up using your email for VideoBio (external link) . Your Career Consultant can create a tailored interview for you, and you can practice and get feedback, which you can review and improve on.

You will be able to watch the video of yourself answering interview questions so you can see not only where your content needs improvement, but also things like posture and gesturing.

Paid co-op positions

If the opportunity requires placement in a co-op program and is full-time or part-time in nature (i.e., January–April), you must be enrolled in the Co-op Program through your Department.

However, in circumstances where a co-op is listed as a requirement, it is advised that you connect with the Business Career Hub or the employer directly to determine if this is, in fact, a definite requirement.

For more information about how to become part of the co-op program, please contact your academic Department & the Co-op office directly.

Unpaid co-op positions

The Business Career Hub does not promote unpaid co-ops/internships unless they are a requirement for graduation in particular business programs. At present, this applies to the following programs only:

Retail Management (RMG)

  • Must complete a retail-related internship, typically conducted during the summer in year 3. Some students also access unpaid opportunities. This is typically full-time and paid, however, some students complete the internship through the year on a part-time basis.

Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)

  • HTM students must complete 1,000 hours of HTM work experience and the HTM Department may sign off on Workplace Education Agreement for student insurance coverage to participate in a pre-approved unpaid internship for a maximum of 20 hours/week as long as it conforms to a student’s full-time schedule.

If you are enrolled in one of the above programs, please contact your designated Career Consultant to identify open unpaid internships/co-ops and possible employers.

If you are interested in applying for co-op, please schedule a meeting with one of our Career Coordinators or email (opens in new window) .

You can check out the Ted Rogers Co-op website (opens in new window)  for more information on how to apply, requirements, fees, benefits etc.

Bootcamps run in the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. New schedules are released on the Ted Rogers Bootcamps website (opens in new window) , we suggest following us on Instagram @TedRogersBCH (external link, opens in new window)  for news and updates!

For more information regarding Bootcamps, please contact (opens in new window) .

As an Alumni of the Ted Rogers School of Management, you have lifetime access to all of our career services!

For more information on our services and to get support, please contact us at (opens in new window) .


Our Corporate Partnerships team is here to support you!

Please reach out to us for support in:

  • Hosting student events such as information sessions or networking sessions
  • Promoting student events or increasing your organization's brand awareness
  • Posting job opportunities for students or new grads

Feel free to reach out to (opens in new window)  for more information.

If you would like to connect with on-campus student groups, please reach out to (opens in new window) .

If you would like to post job opportunities for our co-op students, please connect with (opens in new window)  or create an account on our co-op portal (opens in new window) 

If you would like to post job opportunities including internships and new grad roles, please connect with (opens in new window)  or create an account on Magnet (external link, opens in new window) .


If you would like for our team to conduct a classroom presentation on career services, please reach out to Donna Muirhead at (opens in new window) .

If you have networking or career opportunities for Ted Rogers students, please connect with one of our Manager, Corporate Partnerships (opens in new window) .