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At this time, Bootcamps are running virtually. Stay updated with our website for more information and feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns

What are Bootcamps?

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. Attending these bootcamps provide students with fast access to industry-relevant training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

Why Should I Attend Bootcamps?

Enhance Your Skills

Advance your technical and soft skills to stand out in the workplace

Earn Digital Badges


Showcase and validate the skills you have learned through a digital credential

Gain an Advantage 

Build and enhance all the skills that are in demand in today’s workforce 

Success Stories

Marco Kaho

Marco Lau

 Sales Development Representative at Versapay

The bootcamps that are offered by the Business Career Hub are incredibly valuable as it helps students develop a wide range of technical skills that are not learned in the classroom.

As a Marketing student, it is very rare to be taught how to use excel at an advanced level. Therefore, after completing the Excel Bootcamp, I have learned how to use the different functionalities including v-lookups and creating pivot tables. The Excel Bootcamps has given me extra confidence during my interviews and co-op placements because I was able to demonstrate my knowledge in one of the most popular tools in any business operations as well as maximize efficiency for my tasks.



Ariel Vazquez

Ariel Vazquez

Associate Consultant at Slalom Consulting

The Business Career Hub’s Bootcamps has had a huge impact on my career. I highly commend the hands-on experience that I received in Excel, Tableau, Python, R, Consulting Prep, and most notably the Salesforce Bootcamp.

The Consulting Prep Bootcamp reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in consulting, and further motivated me to explore new interests and skills outside my field of study, which helped me to stand out among other candidates.

During my Bootcamp hopping, I stumbled upon an industry-led Salesforce Bootcamp by Slalom Consulting, where I had the opportunity to network and obtain an interview. Working at Slalom has been an incredibly rewarding, challenging, and inspiring experience. I have since felt honoured to facilitate the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Slalom Salesforce Bootcamps, where I was able to give students the same opportunities that I once received.

My advice to you: stay humble and be curious!

Manish Patel

Manish Patel

Research Assistant at Toronto Metropolitan University

The Bootcamps offered by the Business Career Hub have personally allowed me to expand my technical skill set as a BTM student. I have found that after attending the Python and Salesforce Bootcamp, it has made me a more valuable asset as these are the skills that are in high demand in the marketplace and I use it to my advantage during my job interviews.

Additionally, the bootcamps are conducted in a case-based learning format which allows you to apply the skills being taught in realistic scenarios which are intended to mimic how workplaces function. As a result of this, I felt more confident when starting my last co-op position at TD as the cases were quite similar to the projects I had been assigned.

First Year Testimonials


Abuzar Rizvi

Business Technology Management

I’m thankful for the opportunities Ryerson gives to us, specifically the bootcamps. Joining Ryerson’s bootcamps definitely is the best decision you can make as a first-year student. After completing the Python, R, Tableau, Excel and Power BI bootcamps, I’m certain that I not only upgraded my skills but also began to look forward to utilizing these applications more. Knowing how to use these applications and broadening one’s skill sets are essential for anyone entering the business technology field; it’s unlikely to find a job that doesn't require basic knowledge of these essential skills.

I joined with little to no background knowledge, but now I may even know more about these skills than the majority of my fellow Ryerson community. Students definitely should begin utilizing the bootcamps Ryerson organizes because it really allows us to explore our interests and learn new things that we would have never expected to learn before.

Vitaliy Yushvaev

Vitaliy Yushvaev

Accounting and Finance

In my first year, I've had the chance to not only attend a wide range of bootcamps, but also to be hired as a Co-Facilitator to teach the Excel and Communication Bootcamps. The combination of attending my own bootcamps and facilitating them for others has really broadened my knowledge like never before.

The Excel Bootcamps taught me how to break down a problem into smaller steps and utilize all the Excel tools available to me in order to solve it. I was able to apply these Excel skills in as early as my second semester of studies during my accounting and finance courses. In regards to the Communication Bootcamps, I was able to enhance my presentation and effective communication skills all while delivering the Communication with Confidence Bootcamps.

If you have any doubts whether you should sign up for a bootcamp or not, the answer should always be a yes!!! Why not take the opportunity to enhance your skills and become more industry-competitive?


Bavisha Thavarajah

Human Resources Management

When I originally heard of bootcamps during orientation, I was confused. I thought the bootcamps teach you the same thing as regular classes would but its more intimate, but I was wrong. I read more into bootcamps, and I first became intrigued by the LinkedIn badges, and since I want to do a double major in HR & Marketing I signed up for the bootcamps that will give me a Marketing badge.

My first bootcamp was the branding bootcamp, and I absolutely loved it. It was not similar to lecture materials, it was created differently and truly focused on the topic being covered. It was interactive so it gave me a chance to actually ask questions and feel like I've had that "hands-on" learning experiences. I think the bootcamps I've attended have helped me understand the industry I want to go into, and in general just expand my knowledge. I think the Bootcamps TRSM offers is unique and is a free way of gaining the extra knowledge of skills required in the current workforce.