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At this time, Bootcamps are running virtually. Stay updated with our website for more information and feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns

What are Bootcamps?

The Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. Attending these bootcamps provide students with fast access to industry-relevant training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

Why Should I Attend Bootcamps?

Enhance Your Skills

Advance your technical and soft skills to stand out in the workplace

Earn Digital Badges


Showcase and validate the skills you have learned through a digital credential

Gain an Advantage 

Build and enhance all the skills that are in demand in today’s workforce 

Success Stories and Testimonials

Bootcamps Headshot Testimonials - 4

As a first-year at Toronto Metropolitan University, the bootcamps are a transformative experience! As a highly active individual both within and outside of the campus, I recognize that the real world is multifaceted and requires more than just theoretical knowledge. The real-world application of Bootcamps at the Ted Rogers School of Management goes beyond what many might anticipate. It's not just about being job-ready, but about honing the skills that set you apart in every endeavour. Having had the privilege of working closely with a founder of successful startups, I cannot stress enough the value of the skills I've gained! Whether you're diving into the corporate realm or setting the foundations of entrepreneurship, these bootcamps shape you to be versatile and adaptive, especially in today's fast-paced business and technological environment driven by ambition and innovation. No matter what your path is, bootcamps provide you with the tools to navigate the complexity of the business world. It's more than just a learning experience - it is a pivotal step toward making your dream(s) come true! 

Bootcamps Headshot Testimonials - 2

As a BTM Co-op student, attending Bootcamps offered by the Ted Rogers School of Management has been exceptionally beneficial not only in the classroom but also in my professional development. The integration of business and technology concepts allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of how these two domains intersect and influence each other. For example, the Excel bootcamps enabled me to analyze data with precision and efficiency, providing me with the skills to gather valuable insights. The Python Bootcamps, on the other hand, opened doors to the world of programming, empowering me to automate tasks and solve complex problems. The Tableau Bootcamps enhanced my data visualization capabilities, enabling me to present insights in a compelling and insightful manner. Lastly, the Marketing Bootcamps provided me with strategic insights to navigate the ever-growing field of marketing using SEO/Social Media. The differentiating factor I enjoyed about Bootcamps was the hands-on, practical approach to learning. Real-world applications provided a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Overall, attending Bootcamps has undoubtedly enhanced my problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills, making it a great addition to my undergrad experience!

Bootcamps at the Ted Rogers School of Management has enhanced my academic and professional journey in multiple ways. Bootcamps have provided me with the opportunity to go beyond the traditional process of career exploration and job hunting with the variety of topics and Industry connections provided. As a BTM co-op student, leveraging the technical Bootcamps has enabled me to showcase myself as a top candidate to employers and to excel in my co-op work terms. When applying for jobs and during interviews, I am able to reference the badges and certifications I've achieved for attending and applying the skills from the Bootcamps which validates my knowledge and skills. Bootcamps are an essential component to any TRSM student's career journey - whatever your end goal may be, Bootcamps can be a stepping stone to get you there.