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Capstone Term

About the capstone project

In their second Fall term, the final term of the program, students undertake a capstone project that requires the completion of two courses.

All students will be expected to engage in preparation work over the summer term for their fall term capstone projects. During the summer, students should dedicate time to work with program staff, faculty and health care organizations as required to develop and plan their capstone projects. During this term students have an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired from all their courses, and to make an impact in the home and community care sector.

faculty and students working on research project


Solving a community care problem

This term students take two courses to fulfill the requirements of the capstone project. In order for students to register in these courses they must have completed all other courses in the MHA(CC) program. This project is an innovative component of the MHA(CC) program that offers an applied approach and an opportunity for experiential learning conducted in cooperation with organizations in the home and community care sector. Students, in small groups (four members maximum) address a real policy and/or delivery issue facing one or more organizations in the community care sector. Students might analyze a current health systems problem that affects multiple organizations across sectors and develop possible strategies to mitigate this problem or they might analyze a single organization’s problem and develop solutions. A final presentation to a panel that includes experts from community partner organizations and faculty is required.

During the capstone term, there will be three to four Saturday (or Sunday) sessions. In the three sessions, groups will be expected to present a project proposal and a mid-term report prior to the final presentation. During these sessions, faculty and fellow students will have the opportunity to give feedback and guidance on the development of projects.