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Application Process & Deadlines

How to Apply at a Glance

Apply Online
Through OUAC (external link, opens in new window) 

Create an OUAC account and submit your application (fee $110).

Wait to Receive Your MyServiceHub Identity
It takes about three (3) business days to process your request.

Activate Your MyServiceHub Identity
You will receive an email with your personal information.

Follow Up With References
Your referees will receive an email with a link to complete a reference for you.

Upload Your Documents
Prepare your supporting documents and upload them online through your MyServiceHub account.

Monitor Your Application (opens in new window) 
That's it for now! Check your MyServiceHub account to see the process of your application.

Application Deadlines

The application portal is open for the Fall (September) 2024 intake for domestic applicants. The application portal has closed for international applicants. 

Program Start Who Should Apply? First Consideration Deadline * Final Deadline
Fall (September) 2024 Full-time domestic applicants January 19, 2024 April 10, 2024**
**All supporting documents for Domestic applicants must be submitted by April 19, 2024.
Full-time international applicants n/a November 13, 2023

Domestic applications are considered on a rolling basis past the first consideration deadline. Applicants wishing to be considered for Scholarships & Awards are encouraged to apply by First Consideration Deadline. Contact for more information.

International applicants should be aware that visas can take up to 6-months to process.

How to apply

Program requirements, tuition fees and program FAQs can be found in Admission.

All graduate applications are submitted online. Ensure you meet the Admission Requirements and have at least one week prior to the application deadline. We also recommend contacting your referees to let them know you are starting the process. Complete details on applying online are on our graduate website.

Here are the basic principles of the process:

  1. Apply online through OUAC (fee $110)

    1. Create an OUAC account (external link) . What is an OUAC and what does it do? (external link, opens in new window) 

    2. Select Master of Health Administration (Community Care) as the program and input the email addresses for your referees.

    3. Submit your application and save a copy as a PDF summary to upload later.

  2. Wait up to 3 business days. Check your junk mail for an email from

  3. Receive an email with instructions about your online Toronto Met Administrative Management Self Service (MyServiceHub) account containing your 9-digit Toronto Met ID and a link to the Applicant Portal.

  4. Activate your MyServiceHub online identity. Contact if you need technical help.

  5. Follow up with your referees who should have received a link to complete a reference for you. They may need to check junk folders for emails from

  6. Prepare your supporting documents. Each document is one PDF max 50MB. Each submission is final.

  7. Upload Your Documents: statement of interest, 2-page Résumé, all post-secondary transcripts, proof of English competency (if required)

    Note: If you applied last year and want to reuse documents see #10 of our Graduate Studies Admissions FAQ.

  8. Monitor your application status through your MyServiceHub account. Once an admission decision has been reached, you will be notified by email.

Supporting Documents

In addition to the Admission Requirements at Toronto Met's Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (YSGPS) (opens in new window) , the Master of Health Administration in Community Care requires applicants to submit the following supporting documents:

Applicants are required to submit a brief statement (about 500 words in length) that describes their:

  • Work/professional experience in the Canadian healthcare system and how this meets the admission criteria of the Master's of Health Administration (Community Care).
  • Previous studies (including both formal and continuing education) that have prepared you to successfully complete a Master’s of Health Administration (Community Care).
  • Reasons for pursuing graduate studies in the MHA(CC) program and how these align with your career objectives
  • Statistics Requirement: please include a short paragraph that clearly identifies the course code, term, year, and the university where you have completed a statistics course. Please ensure that the transcript with the completed course is uploaded along with all of your other supplementary documents. If you have not completed a statistics course, please clearly state this. 

Please submit an updated Résumé to highlight how your previous studies and experiences have prepared you for this particular graduate program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Pay attention to formatting, to ensure the document is organized and visually appealing.

While no particular format is required for the Résumé, some examples of sections to include are:

  • Personal details (e.g., name, address, phone numbers, e-mail)
  • Education (post secondary degrees, diplomas, certificates, continuing education)
  • Employment (current and Historical (please indicate the length of each position and whether it was part time or full time)
  • Honours and Awards (Academic/employment/volunteer related)
  • Memberships in Professional Associations
  • Relevant presentations/publications/research
  • Current membership in professional or employment related associations
  • Relevant volunteer activities

Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from referees. It is preferred that you submit one professional and one academic reference. 2 Professional references are acceptable. Two academic references will not be accepted:

  • Professional Recommendation
    This reference should come from a work supervisor who is familiar with your employment responsibilities and professional accomplishments (e.g., relevant skills/knowledge, leadership).
  • Academic Recommendation
    Ensure the professor/instructor knows your academic attributes well and can describe them. If it is not possible to obtain an academic reference, then two professional letters of recommendation will be accepted.

Applicants must include at least one professional reference. We will NOT accept two academic references.

One scanned, electronic copy of a transcript is required from every degree granting postsecondary institution you have attended. When scanning your transcripts please ensure that both sides of each transcript page are scanned (unless blank). We will accept Unofficial Transcripts for admissions evaluation purposes only.

If your transcripts/documents are in a language other than English, you must also provide a notarized English translation; note that translations do not replace original documentation (i.e., both the English translation and the original version must be submitted).

Once you have been admitted into a Toronto Met graduate program and have confirmed your offer, we will ask you to submit your official final transcripts. Toronto Met students are not required to submit official transcripts of study undertaken at Toronto Met (if they were first registered after September 1984). When requested, you must arrange to have your transcripts sent directly from the institution to Toronto Met to the following address:

Graduate Admissions
Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Toronto Metropolitan University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON  M5B 2K3

Applicants may be required to provide certification of English language proficiency if they have not completed

  • Two or more years, full-time, at a Canadian university or a university at which English was the primary language of instruction, or
  • Have not completed a graduate degree at a university where English was the primary language of instruction.

For more information and a list of accepted test and scores, visit Admission Requirements on Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Remember that your application takes place in multiple stages and cannot be completed in less than a week.