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Curriculum Overview

Successful completion of our undergraduate program leads to a BComm (Honours). Our program contains a unique blend of applied professional, professionally-related, and liberal studies courses.

Applied professional courses in hospitality and tourism management are core offerings. Management skills are developed through the study of marketing, accounting/finance, organizational behaviour, and human resources management.

Research and technology are integrated into all facets of the program. Applied professional skills are developed throughout research assignments, tutorials, case studies, simulations, an internship course and off-campus applied projects.

In addition to completing courses, #HTMTorontoMet students must also complete HTM Hours - 1,000 hours of work experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

The first-year curriculum below is for students admitted in Fall 2023. For previous calendars, please visit the calendar archives, or refer to your academic advisement report

Fall 2023


  • ECN 104 Introductory Microeconomics
  • HTF 110* Food Service Operation and Control
  • HTH 102 Service and Professionalism
  • HTL 130* Lodging Management Foundation
  • HTT 150 Tourism Demand, Supply and Distribution
  • QMS 110 Applied Mathematics for Business

* HTF 110 or HTL 130 will be timetabled in either the Fall or Winter.

Winter 2024


  • ACC 100 Introductory Financial Accounting
  • CMN 279 Introduction to Professional Communication
  • ECN 204 Introductory Macroeconomics
  • HTF 110* Food Service Operation and Control
  • HTL 130* Lodging Management Foundation

One course from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.


Core Electives

The following are the Core Electives (Table 1) courses offered for the 2023-2024 academic year, and the semester they are offered in. 

 Course offerings are subject to change. For all course planning iniquries, please contact your student advisor at

HTF 505 -  Restaurants from Concept to Operations

HTF 506 - Food and Beverage Operations (The Met Dining Room)

HTH 901* - Career Strategies

HTI 746 - Digital Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism

HTL 503 - Meeting and Convention Management

HTL 510 - Asset Management in Hospitality

HTM 604 - Hospitality and Tourism Sales

HTR 900 - Director's Special Project

HTT 605 - Business Aspects of Incentive Travel

HTT 610 - Business of Events and Entertainment

HTT 622 - Destination Management and Marketing

HTT 800 - Field Studies in Hospitality & Tourism (Registration CLOSED)

HTT 700 - Current Issues in Hospitality & Tourism (Luxury Management)

*HTH 901 is only available as a Table 1 course for students admitted Fall 2021 and after.

HTF 506 - Food and Beverage Operations (The Met Dining Room)

HTF 601 - Beverage Management

HTM 621 - Advertising and Promotion

HTR 900 - Director's Special Project

HTT 607 - Event Management

HTT 510 - Sustainable Tourism: the Golden Goose?