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Big data and the web 2.0: harnessing the power of digital data

Message from the Vice-President, Research & Innovation

It is an exciting time to be part of Ryerson’s trajectory as it continues to express its aim to impact the lives of its students, the city, and on some of the most pressing questions and challenges of our time.  

In this issue of our newsletter, we focus on research in the field of big (and complex) data. Notwithstanding being an important driver towards achievements in the application of artificial intelligence, the research profiled brings a focus back to critical questions of our society that revolve around people and the lives that will be affected by data and technology.

This publication is made possible, in part, with the support of the Research Support Fund.

Feature Story

Creating digital identities to leverage global knowledge

Contributing to a collective knowledge base, professor Rahnama is creating digital identities using big data.

Meet the Expert

Blockchain: The solution to real estate fraud

An expert in the blockchain, professor Mashatan wants to take this innovative technology to the masses, starting with the real estate industry.

360 Degrees

360 Degrees explores a research topic from two different angles. In this issue we examine optimizing recommender systems for improved consumer experiences. 

Building socio-analytical systems to determine user preferences and choices

Recommender systems use social media data to influence our choices through ads and other targetted content. Professor Bagheri creates and tests these systems, enabling industry to better predict the needs of their consumers.

Creating artificial data circumvents privacy issues in social networking

Can big data be artificially created in order to circumvent privacy issues? Professor Abhari rises to the challenge.

Idea to Innovation

Tackling sleep issues for youth with an app

An idea that started as a sleep study tool is now evolving into an app to help teens and young adults catch more shut eye.

Student Spotlight

Expectations of privacy still exist for public data

Public social media data is easily accessible, but users are not OK with employers and other agencies accessing that information, says research by postdoctoral fellow Jenna Jacobson at Ryerson's Social Media Lab.

In Our Community

Ryerson pilot project strives to transform housing in Northern Ontario First Nations communities

A team of Ryerson researchers is working together with the Nibinamik community in order to transform the design process for Indigenous housing.