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MOVE Everywhere

Whether looking to get active with us at TMU, connect with our community remotely in your neighbourhood or joining us online in our live and on-demand group fitness options, we're here to help you move... everywhere. 

Christina Paruag sits on a Yoga mat with legs crossed
Now more than ever...

Now, more than ever, we need the physical and mental health benefits of moving our bodies. And as long as you're moving, it doesn't matter how. Put your body in motion, feel your heart beat faster, and you can't help but be healthier, feel better and think clearer.

Improved immune function and elevated mood are just some of the benefits of regular physical activity. Add improved sleep and digestion, increased energy and self-confidence, and moving your body can be a powerful coping strategy during this difficult time.

And, of course, for all of us studying and working, getting active is a clear path to a clear mind - whether a 5 minute walk, a set of push-ups and squats or a 30 minute dance cardio class, moving your body improves cognition, focus and stamina.