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Movement Breaks

Welcome to your movement break! This is your chance to recharge your mind and body during those quick moments in between classes, meetings, study sessions, or whatever life throws your way.

Choose your break time below to find an activity that works for you! Activities are updated multiple times per week, so check back often.

How long is this break?

Moved to Learn: What's the science saying...?

Doing light physical activity while you learn has been shown to improve creativity1, recall2, attention and understanding.3
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  2. Maren Schmidt-Kassow et al., Treadmill walking during vocabulary encoding improves verbal long-term memory (Behav Brain Funct, 2014), 10-24.
  3. Barbara Fenesi et al., Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks During a University Lecture Increase On-Task Attention and Learning (Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 2018), 261-269.

Special thanks to our friends from Thriving in Action, Mood Routes (external link)  and Student Affairs Storytelling for their inspiration and partnership on physical activity as a learning strategy and 'emoji card' assessments.