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The ProCom undergraduate program blends theory with hands-on experience, helping students develop the creative, technical and strategic skills they need to excel within any field of communication.

What Will I Learn?

Professional Communication is the study and practice of written, oral, visual, and media communication practices within organizations. In ProCom, you will develop critical and analytical skills for understanding how messages and media impact organizations, governments, and society.

Through theory, critical thinking, and experiential learning opportunites, you'll explore topics like communication technologies, the power of language and imagery, and social networks and relationships.

The ProCom BA Internship

An optional credit course that gives students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a workplace environment.

Signify Year-End Showcase
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A year-end show where ProCom students demonstrate their creativity and innovative ideas to industry professionals.  

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Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with:

  • A minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses
  • A minimum grade of 70% or higher will be required in Grade 12U English (ENG4U/EAE4U).
  • Candidates are encouraged to include one Grade 12 U/M Arts course and/or one Grade 11 U/M or Grade 12 M Business course in their Grades 11/12 course selection

These requirements establish eligibility. Admission is subject to competition and may require higher pre-requisite grades and/or higher overall averages. For the official admissions process, please be sure to consult Ryerson's Undergraduate Admission page.