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Politics and Governance (BA)


TMU's Politics and Governance program probes the exciting world of “politics”, but goes beyond to include an exploration of the forms of governance: how public and private institutions use structures and processes to make and enforce decisions and thus wield “power”. The program offers courses in five sub-fields: Canadian, Comparative, Global, Policy, Theory and Methods. 

TMU's Politics and Governance program examines power at the international, national, provincial and local level. Students discover how social, environmental, economic, political and justice issues are addressed in Canada and on a global scale. You will discuss the value of ‘good governance’ — what it means, and how social justice, democracy, citizenship and human rights fit (or not) into the equation. You will learn about how issues of social welfare, immigration, social and criminal justice have made the tasks of governance more complex in the 21st century. Finally, the program looks at how governments have increasingly turned to the private and non-profit/voluntary sectors to deliver services they formerly undertook directly.