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Located in the heart of Canada’s largest metropolitan centre, Toronto Metropolitan University offers exciting and innovative graduate programs through the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The Department of Politics and Public Administration offers full-time and part-time study options leading to a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration.

Faculty in the Department are also major partners in the delivery of the interdisciplinary Policy Studies PhD program housed in the Faculty of Arts.

Finally, faculty in the Department are active in supporting a number of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs.

Public Policy and Administration (MA)

This innovative program (offered in both full- and part-time configurations) was launched in 2005.  It gives students the extraordinary advantage of proximity to, and engagement with, business, government and community agencies. This proximity is a significant asset in supporting student research, networking and co-op placement/internship opportunities. The program integrates the fields of public policy and public administration to reflect the theoretical and practical realities in the political context of policy development, implementation and analysis.  It prepares graduates for further academic pursuits, and for careers in the public service at all levels of government, in the third (non-profit) sector, and in private sector organizations with significant relationships with government and in international organizations.