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Politics and Governance (BA)

TMU’s Politics and Governance program gives you a good grasp of how important decisions are made in today’s society — at the international, national, provincial and local level – by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. You’ll learn how social, environmental, economic, political and justice issues are accommodated in Canada and on a global scale. You’ll discuss the value of ‘good governance’ — what it means, and how social justice, democracy, citizenship and human rights fit — or not — into the equation. Learn about how issues of social welfare, immigration, social and criminal justice have made the tasks of governance more complex. And, explore how governments have increasingly turned to the private and non-profit/voluntary sectors to deliver services formerly undertaken by governments directly.

Double majors are also available with Criminology, History, and Sociology.

Public Administration and Governance (BA)

Effective public sector management depends upon the knowledge, expertise, and skills of professionals who have a sophisticated understanding of public policy and administration. TMU's Department of Politics and Public Administration provides you with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of organizations and operations in the public sector, as well as specialized knowledge and skills necessary for career development. The program is designed for managers, administrative officers, front-line service providers, policy analysts and those preparing for employment and advancement in federal, provincial or municipal government; social service agencies and other public or non-profit organizations.