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Dr. Katrin Rohlf

Katrin Rohlf

Research Interests

Biofluid Dynamics

Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow

Stochastic Processes

Reaction-Diffusion Equations

Aggregating Systems

Chemical Reactions

Modeling and Simulations

Applications to Blood Flow, Cardiac Arrhythmias, Chemically Reacting Media, and Industrial Fluids

Course Code Course Name
AM8 101   Principles and Techniques in Applied Mathematics
MTH 510   Numerical Analysis
MTH 630 Mathematical Biology
  • Nominated for Dean's Research Award, Ryerson University, 2017, 2018
  • Merit Increment Award, Ryerson University, 2008
  • Nominated for Dean's Teaching Award, Ryerson University, 1996
  • Session Co-organizer (Stochasticity in Biofluids and Dynamical Neuroscience), CAIMS 2022
  • Editorial Board Member, Mathematics in Science and Industry (MSI), 2018, 2019-Present
  • Co-organizer, Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics (CSFD) 2018
  • Session Organizer (Computational Mathematics and Applications), CAIMS 2018
  • Editorial Board Member, Cogent Mathematics & Statistics (formerly Cogent Mathematics OA), 2017
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science (IJANS), 2012-2019
  • Session Co-organizer, CMS 2011 Winter Meeting
Year Degree University
2002 PhD University of Waterloo
1997 MMath University of Waterloo
1995 BMath
University of Waterloo