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Kristopher Alexander

Dr. Kris Alexander

Professor of Video Games: Design, Broadcasting, & Esports Infrastructure

Dr. Kris Alexander, the professor of video games, is a two-time globally ranked player turned scholar, and game developer. His work focuses on video game design, esports broadcasting, and virtual production. 

Currently the Director of The Red Bull Gaming Hub (external link)  a live broadcast classroom and interactive 3D training facility at Toronto Metropolitan University focused on esports broadcasting, virtual production, and video game design, Dr. Alexander has gained global attention with his TED Talk (external link)  entitled ‘How Video Games Can Level Up Education’, which has been viewed over 1 million times.

Dr. Alexander has also completed academic video essays with Wisecrack (external link) , done educational work with Epic Games (external link) , worked on esports in academia with Red Bull (external link) Team Liquid (external link) , the Esports Travel Summit (external link) , and even transformed into an animated bear live on Breakfast Television (external link) . He is Canada’s academic expert guide to the nuanced nature of video games that extends beyond the playing of games.