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Ali Noorani

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  • Bachelor of English Language & Literature, Shahid Beheshti University


UX design, Digital storytelling


Ali is a User Experience Designer with a fervent passion for crafting exceptional user experiences. He is a radical changemaker, always on the lookout for ways to initiate new cycles of positive impact. 

His life is dotted with diverse and interesting experiences, from educating young children as a volunteer school teacher in a remote village to improving the user experience of Japan's No. 2 cashless payment app in Tokyo.

With over five years of design experience, including his recent role as a UX UI Designer at Rakuten Payment in Japan, he has honed his ability to create impactful and user-focused designs that resonate with diverse audiences.

His professional journey has been enriched by his multi-disciplinary background in graphic design, video editing, media, and journalism, which provides him with a unique perspective that shapes his innovative approach.

His career as a journalist has seen him work at credible international media like Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Tehran and Japan's public broadcaster NHK in Tokyo. Ali has appeared on networks like the BBC, NPR, France24, DW English, Al Jazeera English, and Nikkei Asia via video, audio and text.

In 2022, Ali switched his career to design; his first-ever job that he held close to his heart for many years.

Why Digital Media?

After over a decade practicing digital media in various capacities and positions, Master of Digital Media felt the right next step in expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field. 


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