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Micha Powell

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Micha Powell


Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism - University of Maryland (2017)


Audio,Video and Multimedia production, Media writing, Multimedia storytelling


“Do something today that will make your future self proud.” This has been my life motto since I took a chance and pursued my dreams of earning a journalism degree and representing Canada in the 2016 Rio Olympics. While at the University of Maryland, I got my first taste of developing digital media technology. I developed a documentary short about conserving the Maryland bee population using 360 degree camera technology. Shortly after, I worked on the jazz documentary film, Oliver Jones: Minds Hands Heart, as the associate story producer where I contributed to the story structure and assisted the director with final edit decisions such as improving graphics. I was able to surpass my expectations by pushing past discomfort and uncertainty. These experiences taught me the reward of taking risks and believing in yourself no matter how daunting a task may seem. 

Why Digital Media?

 I believe you have to create your own opportunities in this quickly evolving digital industry. The Masters of Digital Media program will equip me with the tools I need to be on the cutting edge of digital media by advancing my technical and creative skills thus preparing me for the real world. After experiencing the MDM program, I am confident that I will acquire the skills necessary to produce high quality digital content that will make a lasting impression in the digital community and beyond. 


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