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Tyler Sures

Tyler Sures


  • Masters of Arts from the Utrecht school of Art.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa.

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Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Tyler Sures received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa in 2008 and completed his Masters of Fine arts at the Utrecht School of Arts and Design in 2009.  Sures' work has been exhibited in various group shows internationally, including Dutch Artistic Research Event 4, and Dutch Design Double Biennial in Utrecht and Amsterdam, Air Out Your Dirty Laundry at Het Blauwe Huis in Amsterdam, Animal Estates at the Casco Gallery in Utrecht, and various galleries in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. 

Why Digital Media?

It was Tyler's post-graduate work studying media theory that ignited his passion for digital media. Specifically Arjen Mulder's General Media Theory and Gianni Vattimo's The Transparent Society. Exposure to these works drastically altered the path of his research, moving it towards the realm of participation and interactivity in digital media.

Tyler wanted to understand the implications of the constant interaction society has with digital media and explore the implications this holds on an individuals identity and their ability to interact with the outside world.

Intended Focus

Teaching at a post-secondary level/upgrading knowledge

Final Project

Tyler is working with classmates Chris, Phil, and Rhandy to develop Materialyze. Based in Toronto, this startup emerged out of the MDM program. Operating within the 3D-printing industry, Materialyze provides an online platform for the sale, purchase, and digital rights management protection of 3D designs. The site allows designers to upload, categorize, and price their designs for purchase by users who can print on multiple types of 3D printers.