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Mansoor Shams

Shams Mansoor


Mansoor Shams is an international fine artist and a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Los Angeles Chapter. He has graduated from both Classical and Computer Animation programs at Sheridan College. Most of Mansoor’s work has been in the motion picture industry, particularly in Classical and CGI animation for major North American film and animation companies. Manssor has done work with such companies as Warner Brothers, Fox, HBO, Nelvana, etc., on theatrical features and TV animation. He also taught animation, concept art and visual arts in Canada, China and Singapore.

Mansoor won the first prize award in Animation at Telefest-CBC Canada for short animated film entitled “Fertile Desert.”  He became a finalist in the Montreal International Short Film Festival for directing and animating a 3D animated film named “Fishifty”.

Furthermore, Mansoor worked on most Saturday mornings Canadian TV series such as “Beetle Juice”, “Tales from the Crypt keeper”, “Dog City”, “Eek the Cat”, “Rupert the Bear” etc.


Why digital media?

Mansoor is looking to upgrade his technological knowledge and apply it into arts.