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Logan Salsberg

Logan Salsberg


Honours Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media from Queens University

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Logan has a background in the creative arts with work experience in the digital marketing industry. Having worked for three tech start-ups in recent years,  he understands and appreciates the up and down fast-paced nature of the digital environment. Logan grew up with dial-up internet, flip phones, and CD Walkmans, which has helped him grasp the exponential growth and evolution of the digital age with its respective devices. As a student in the Master's in Digital Media program, Logan intends to become the next tech pioneer with a product that changes and influences the way we go about our day-to-day lives. The world is becoming more digitalized at a rapid rate, and Logan believes those who explore it will be able to both exploit and leverage it for the greater good. You can follow Logan on Twitter at @Logansals.

Why Digital Media?

Plain and simple, everything is becoming digitalized. When you consider how much the world has changed since the Industrial Age in the mid-1800s, it should come as no surprise that our lifestyles are being heavily influenced by the technologies around us. Think about how different and primitive the world was 100 years ago. The first commercial flight had just been conducted, and the first transcontinental phone call was made. Similarly, think about how much our habits have shifted in the past 20 years. Social media has only been prevalent since the early 2000s, but is now ingrained in almost every aspect of our lives. This is why I took the MDM program; to stay ahead of the curb and become an expert in the digital era.

Final Project

Logan is working with a talent developer to create a universal second-screen platform that synchronizes on-air commercial advertisement with relevant, real-time interactive content on mobile phones, laptops, and/or tablets.