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Benny Hakak

Benny Hakak


  • Public Relations and Publicity Certificate from the University of Toronto.
  • E-Business & Web Marketing Certificate from the University of Toronto.
  • Sport and Event Marketing Postgraduate from George Brown College.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising from ESPM University.

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Industrial Focus | Digital Marketing


A creative and high energy marketing professional who goes the extra mile to achieve measurable ROI in marketing and promotions through strategic planning, tactical execution, superior branding and multi-channel acumen, developed in the course of a solid multi-industry career.

Why Digital Media?

Benny worked with a wide variety of marketing channels and initiatives since early in his career. During this time, he developed an interest for working with digital marketing and the growing field of Digital Media, where he led campaigns with great measurable achievements. Always hungry to learn more and in an industry where more educated professionals are needed, Benny decided to take his passion to the next level and found the Master of Digital Media to be his best move to become a digital marketing expert and reach new heights in his corporate career.