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Ezra Grossman

Ezra Grossman


Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. Specialization in History.


Business Development | Entrepreneurship | Social Media Marketing


Ezra has a passion for all things digital. Prior to starting the MDM program, Ezra was a founding member at Ellen Jane Desserts, a boutique high-end pastry company where he was in charge of business development and social media marketing. Ezra is constantly furthering his business knowledge, as he loved the Digital Media Entrepreneurship class in his first semester and is currently enrolled in Venture Planning and Finance at Ted Rogers School of Management. Ezra has been involved with a number of focus groups and startups, aiding NeedleHR, Setscouter Inc. and numerous successful brainstorming sessions with classmates. You can follow Ezra on Twitter at @EzraGrossman2

Why Digital Media

Digital media is the way of the future. Ezra has always had a passion for digital entrepreneurship and this program has given him the best tools one could ask for when pursuing a startup. Surrounded by other entrepreneurs and startups within the Ryerson DMZ has only added to Ezra's drive to succeed. 

Final Project

Ezra is working on Reeel, a platform to organize and share your photos from last night. It makes viewing, organizing and sharing your photos extremely easy. You can instantly and magically get a snapshot of the good times spent with friends and family.