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Chris Gray

Chris Gray


  • Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo
  • Advertising Management from Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology

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Venture Capital or Entrepreneurship


Chris grew up in Burlington and has lived in Waterloo, Scotland, and London throughout his university and work career. He has an interest in technology, music (in particular DJ’ing) and is a fan of startups and avidly follows various entrepreneurial publications and blogs. Chris has worked for Microsoft, TorStarDigital, and Canon.

Why Digital Media

I was once taught in school that Mandarin was to be the language of the future and that if we truly wanted to succeed in our careers we would familiarize ourselves with its dialect. It wasn't until many years later I realized this as incorrect...the language of the future is not Mandarin, nor is it any other traditional spoken linguistics. The future is digital and these languages exist solely online. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP – these languages, and the businesses that they are able to produce, are the real future. As technology continues to advance and more businesses move online, the digital realm has and will continue to emerge as one of the most boundless, innovative and prolific industries today. The opportunities are endless in this spectrum and Ryerson’s Masters in Digital Media is on the forefront of its development.

Final Project

Chris is working with classmates Phil, Tyler, and Rhandy to develop Materialyze. Based in Toronto, this startup emerged out of the MDM program. Operating within the 3D-printing industry, Materialyze provides an online platform for the sale, purchase, and digital rights management protection of 3D designs. The site allows designers to upload, categorize, and price their designs for purchase by users who can print on multiple types of 3D printers.