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Alysha D'Souza

Alysha D'Souza


Bachelor of Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, Toronto Metropolitan University. Major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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Alysha decided to make the move to Toronto in 2008 after hearing about Ryerson's Entrepreneurship program. Owning and operating her own business around her passions is something that Alysha has always been interested in pursuing. Shortly after beginning her Undergrad at Ryerson, Alysha immediately got involved in the entrepreneurship community by joining student groups such as StartMeUp Ryerson where she took a managerial position mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs on and off campus, as well as working in the Digital Media Zone - which is Ryerson's very own startup incubator. Alysha also enjoys to expand her knowledge in entrepreneurship by volunteering for several organizations, such as Startup Weekend Toronto, Toronto + Acumen Grant Program and CareerMash Mentorship Program. In her current role as Assistant Events Coordinator at the Digital Media Zone, Alysha helps facilitate valuable connects between entrepreneurs at the DMZ, potential clients and partners.  

Why Digital Media?

Alysha has always been interested in film production, and has worked on various film projects in the past. Alysha's decision to attend Ryerson's Business Program instead of the Film School was therefore a tough one, but she found herself more attracted to the innovations in the film industry, and how they affect marketing strategy and audience engagement. Alysha has taken her interest in film and incorporated a business outlook. She is interested in the evolution of technology and how that relates to the film experience and market trends of the industry. The way the world creates, produces and even watches films has changed dramatically over the years, and Alysha is interested in learning the skills that will allow her to create something new to bring to the marketplace. 

Final Project

Alysha would like to create a social media platform that facilitates the gathering of real stories and social issues from the public, and transforming them into film scripts. By crowdsourcing these ideas and encouraging audience engagement through voting and contribution, Alysha will be able to piece together quality films that raise awareness about social issues. The films produced will not only be entertaining and developed from the voice of the public, but will also consist of a revenue model aimed at giving back to the community.  Alysha's current research paper focuses on the impact that social media and audience engagement tactics, such as crowdsourcing, affects the success of films, and ultimately dictates revenue earned in the box office.